Acai Bowl Recipe

Oct 21, 2017

Whats an Acai Bowl? With Dr Adam.

Hi Guys, Dr Adam here and thanks for clicking on the link.

Today I’m going to run through with you my favourite weekend breakfast especially with the warmer weather coming. An “acai bowl” is something I stumbled across when heading out for breakfast one weekend. I had no idea what it was but my partner said she had chosen them a few times before and said were great here, so I got one. Long story short I ordered it, ate it, love it. So today I thought I run through how to make an acai bowl and also some of the benefits/pros of this healthy meal.


Frozen Strawberries x 2 cups

Frozen sliced bananas x 2 cups

Acai powder x 4 tablespoons

Almond milk x 1 cup

Peanut Butter x 2 tablespoons

Honey x 1 tablespoon

Put all ingridents into a high quality blender generally something like a nutribullet as all the frozen fruit needs to be reduced into a semi-fluid consistency. May need to shake around the blender/nutribullet to ensure all of the base is mixed evenly. Once complete place in a bowl and add toppings.


Fresh Strawberries x 2

Sliced banana x half

Raspberries x 4-8

Bee pollen x sprinkle

Coconut flakes     x sprinkle

Dry goji berries x sprinkle

Chia seeds x sprinkle

There it is you first Acai bowl. Yes it does take a little longer than Weet-Bix or toast but trust me it is well worth it. Also if you are looking to treat yourself as I do occasionally get the dark chocolate coated goji berries this just makes it even tastier!!!

Why is an Acai Bowl Healthy?

Looking at the ingredients you’ll notice that there is lots of different foods and some of them do have higher levels of healthy sugars, so it definitely not a carb free meal. The ingredients in an Acai Bowl have a lot of antioxidants in them. Why is this important? Your body is constantly fighting of inflammation and free radicals from everyday foods such as fry food, soft drinks, processed food and more. Having a high antioxidant diet is a great way of reducing stress on your body as well as fighting off other long term chronic health diseases. Also not to mention Acai is a superfood.

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