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Some Simple Tips To Become More Flexible!

Many of us spend far too much time sitting or generally being inactive. This as well as other common factors can lead to feeling tight and inflexible. Here you will learn 4 simple tips to help improve flexibility that you …

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Can Chiropractors take X-rays?

Doctors of Chiropractic are university qualified, government regulated, primary care practitioners in Australia. During the intense 5 year training, Chiropractors study radiology and radiography, which makes them qualified to take, interpret, report on and also refer out for musculoskeletal radiographs …

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What is the Chiropractor clicking sound?

As a Chiropractor this is one of the most common questions I am asked. Firstly you crack eggs, not spines. Chiropractors are university qualified, government regulated, primary health care practitioners highly trained in diagnosing neuro, orthopaedic and mechanical conditions of …

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Walk More For Great Health Benefits

Reading the newspapers and magazines, watching the news and television, everyday there seems to be a new health crazes or fad being advertised. Eat this; do that, 7 minute abs, all different types of marketing for the health and fitness …

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Why Back Injuries Are Prevalent In Nursing

Nursing is an extremely demanding field, demanding long hours, repetitive movement and heavy and awkward lifting. Nurses and related health care workers are reported to have the third highest rate of injury in any field, surmounted only by truck drivers …

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Should You Be Using A Kneeling Chair @ Work?

Using kneeling chairs in the workplace

There’s so many chairs available in the marketplace, it can be seriously difficult and confusing to determine what chair is suitable for you. I remember watching my younger brother play basketball as a junior, …

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Should You Use An Exercise Ball Instead Of Your Work Chair?

Using an exercise ball for an office chair

Recently we have had numerous people in our practice ask if they should be using an exercise ball instead of their office chair. You would most likely have seen exercise balls (commonly …

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Stay Healthy While Travelling

Modern day busy lifestyles can get in the way of our health and fitness goals and aspirations. When it comes to travelling, we all want to unwind, relax and enjoy ourselves. This can mean coming back to reality with a …

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The Posture Pole

The ‘posture pole’ is an Australian designed product which when implemented properly can be used to improve the structural alignment of your spine therefore improving your posture.

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Why is your head so far forward? Forward Head Posture

5 Tips to help with Forward Head Posture

1- Sit with computer screen 18-24 inches away from eyes

2- Never carry backpack or heavy purses/bags over one shoulder

3- Get up and walk around for 5mins every 30mins you are

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