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Wellbeing Bulk Billing Chiropractors

5 Steps To Get Medicare To Help Pay For Chiropractic Treatment

  • 1. CLICK HERE and download the Bulk Bill Chiropractic information letter

  • 2. Book an appointment with a Medical Doctor/GP

  • 3. Show GP information letter above and ask for Chiropractic

  • 4. GP will either fax us or give you a referral letter

  • 5. Make an appointment at one of our practices across Melbourne

***Please be aware we charge a gap of $46.05 for New Patients & $12.35 for Return Visits.***



Here at Wellbeing Chiropractic we have successfully been Bulk Billing patients through medicare since we opened 12 years ago using Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referred from your GP.

A CDM plan is a medical rebate that is available for a maximum of 5 visits per calendar year. This service is granted for patients that have been suffering or will suffer from a condition for longer than 6 months duration, or have numerous health issues.

The care plan will be directly related to the patient’s chronic condition and identified in their care plan. It is up to the GP to determine whether Allied health care would aid in the management of the patient’s chronic condition.

Other eligible allied health practitioners can include Aboriginal health worker, Islander Health Practitioners, Audiologists, Chiropractors, Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Mental Health Workers, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists.

Common chronic conditions eligible for the CDM plan include asthma, diabetes, heart disease, low/high blood pressure, emphysema, disease, depression, anxiety and many more.

Bulk Billing CHiropractor

(Dr. Peter performing a chiropractic adjustment)

FAQ’s about Bulk Bill Chiropractors

Can I get a Medicare Rebate for Chiropractic care?

The good news is if you are referred from a GP you may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Program. If you fit the criteria this entitles you to up to 5 visits fully covered by medicare per calendar year.

Who is eligible for an CDM Plan?

Eligibility for an CDM plan is given on the basis that you have been suffering or will suffer from a condition for longer than 6 months duration, or have numerous health issues. This can include many common conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, disease, depression, anxiety and many more.

How do I get placed on an CDM plan?

To be placed on an CDM plan you must be referred from a GP specifically to receive Chiropractic or other allied health managment in regards to your ongoing complaint. Eligibility for an CDM plan is given on the basis that you have been suffering or will suffer from a condition for longer than 6 months duration, or have numerous health issues.

Can a Chiropractor help me get a CDM plan?

Our Chiropractor have helped hundreds of our patients with their CDM plans. We often communicate with patient’s medical doctors, by writing an personalised letter to the GP, explaining our findings and any therapy &/or recommendations. By doing this, this allows medical doctors to have a better understanding of the patient’s musculo-skeletal condition and any chiropractic suggestions. We find by working together with our patient’s GP’s better clinical outcomes are often reached and great patient satisfaction is achieved.

How does the payment work with an CDM plan?

After your GP has granted an CDM it can be faxed directly through to your chiropractor. Alternatively, you can receive the documents from your GP and bring them to your chiropractor. This will all be processed on site immediately for you.

I have already used my 5 CDM entitlements this year can I have more?

You are only entitled to 5 EPC visits per calendar year. If you don’t use your 5 visits each year you will forfeit them.

I’m not sure if I have used my CDM entitlements this year?

The easiest way to find out if you have used any of your EPC entitlements is to contact Medicare directly on 132 150.

Does CDM cover for any X-Rays?

Xrays are not covered by an CDM plan. The X-Rays may be eligible to be bulk billed directly to Medicare. This excludes CT Scan & MRI referrals as a direct referral from a medical doctor is necessary.

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