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Looking for Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s Chiropractic Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition seen in many people not only in Melbourne but worldwide. It is an entrapment of the Median nerve, which causes pain, numbness, paraesthesia and weakness.

The exact cause of the condition is unknown, however factors in which increase the incidence of the condition include, obesity, diabetes, thyroid issues, pregnancy and circulatory impairment. The median nerve comes from the brachial plexus and it supplies innervation to the muscles of the palmar aspect of the wrist, hand and fingers. When the median nerve is irritated it can cause the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

melbourne carpal tunnel treatment icing

(Icing may be effective in reduces symptoms of carpal tunnel)

What’s the cause of Carpal Tunnel?

The most common case is the median nerve is impinged by the transverse carpal ligament. Symptoms are common at night and wake the person up from sleep. The most common symptom is pain and numbness in the palm of the hand and thumb and index finger.  There are different approaches to the management of carpal tunnel syndrome, from chiropractic, to massage, physiotherapy and surgery.

Chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome focuses on the not just the wrist however also the neck. The median neck comes from the neck so a whole body approach is taken by a doctor of chiropractic. Chiropractors focus on the nervous system and the function of the body. A chiropractor will assess and examine the joints and the nerves of the neck and the wrist and will focus on taking pressure off the nerves by restoring the healthy function of the affected joints, either by hand or by instrumentation.

Assessment before carpal tunnel treatment

(Assessment of different carpal tunnel origins)

Our Personalized Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Our Chiropractic practitioners recommend a range of different methods to manage carpal tunnel syndrome. After performing a thorough assessment, our practitioners normally mobilise and adjustment the wrist, elbow and finger joints to restore normal function within the kinematic chain of the median nerve. In conjunction with this, soft tissue therapy, arthrostim or activator instruments may be used to re-inforce the manual adjustments through the problematic area. Dependent on the severity, bracing or splinting may be implemented short term to attempt to reduce pain and symptoms. Further adjustment and manipulations to the cervical neck and scalene muscles to ensure these areas are functioning optimally. Active care includes patient education and rehabilitation that incorporates stretches exercise and motor function training to ensure correct movements are learnt and restored to the area. At the end of your management plan, a thorough progress report will be conducted with the practitioner to determine the extent of any improvement.

carpal tunnel impingement treatment

(Common sites the median nerve may become entrapped causing symtoms similar to carpal tunnel)

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What else can cause Carpal Tunnel?

Unsuccessful treatment of classic carpal tunnel can often indicate that the cause is not actually coming from the wrist. Other sites that can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome are the cervical spine, the scalenes muscles, pec minor or major and pronator teres.

The cervical spine can often be forgotten about when carpal tunnel is diagnosed, however with nerves coming from your neck all the way down into your hand it should often be the first point of call when assessing carpal tunnel prior to treatment. Our team of experienced Melbourne Chiropractors also see patients with tight scalenes and pectoral muscles impinging the nerves that run through the carpal tunnel region. The last and very common sight of impingement that may cause carpal tunnel is the pronator teres muscle. As the median nerve pierces the pronator teres it is common when this muscle becomes hypertonic it can affect the median nerve which runs through the carpal tunnel.

Cervical spine carpal tunnel melbourne treeatment

(The median nerve can be impinged in the cervical spine producing symptoms similar to Carpal Tunnel)

Carpal Tunnel is Not Normal

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