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If you are looking for a Craigieburn Chiropractor then Wellbeing Chiropractic clinic is the place for you. Being in the heart of Craigieburn we see many local residents as well as others passing through or those in the area for work. Craigieburn is a fast growing area and is in high demand of medical and alternative medicine such as Chiropractic to help with the fast increase in population. Wellbeing Chiropractic has a proud history of assisting the people in a local community which it has already been doing in our other locations Hawthorn, Pakenham, Hoppers Crossing, Epping, Melton, Cranbourne, Sunbury and Point Cook. If you are looking for a Craigieburn Chiropractic, Wellbeing Chiropractic is the place for you.

Meet the Craigieburn Chiropractic Team

Dr Nicole Ritchie

Is the principal Chiropractor at our Craigieburn practice. Dr Nicole has practiced previously in Perth and Fremantle Western Australia where she also originally graduated from Murdoch University. Whilst practicing in Craigieburn she has a keen interest in chronic conditions such as headaches, migraines, low back pain, sciatica, rib pain and more. Nicole is also currently undertaking a postgraduate degree in Sports Chiropractic and has volunteered her time at St. Patricks Care Centre and The Ottey Centre (Women’s Health Community Centre). Dr Nicole originally saw a Chiropractor for her disc bulge she suffered whilst playing soccer in her teenage years. Nicole has since been interested in Chiropractic her continued professional training and studies see her as one of the leading Chiropractors in Melbourne’s north.

Dr Robbie Hunt

Has 15 years of clinical experience and is one of Craigieburn most sort after Chiropractors practicing nationally and internationally. He originally visited a Chiropractor after a severe cycling accident where he fractured one of his vertebrae in year 12. Dr Robbie sees many people with fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, headaches, plantar fasciitis and more. In his spare time Robbie still enjoys his cycling beach road, supporting his beloved Hawks and spending time with his partner Charlotte and little bub.

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Facts About Craigieburn

-Craigieburn is located north of Melbourne approximately 26km north of CBD

– In the 2011 census Craigieburn had a population of 32,00 which is set to double in 10 years

-The Craigieburn post office was first open on 26th February 1866

-It originally got its name from a bluestone inn in the 1820’s located near Kingswood Drive

-Craigieburn football team currently plays in in Essendon District Football League

-Vic Foster Reserve is Craigieburn CIty FC play home ground

-Phoenix is the name of the Craigieburn Rugby team

-The Craigieburn Sporting Club was voted the best Hume Club 2007

-The Craigieburn Library was awarded the Best New Library in 2014

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Chiropractor in Craigieburn



Many people in Craigieburn first choose to see a Chiropractor when in pain. Pain is often the last sign/symptom to show up and the first disappear or reduce. Pain is indicative of the body not being able to cope with demands placed upon it. If you after a Chiropractor in Craigieburn and fast our clinic should be at the top of your list. We have a team of 5 Chiropractors ready to help, we offer late appointments until 7:00pm through the week and open Saturdays. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our Emergency Chiropractic line 9021 8684. We provide Emergency Chiropractic Care 365 days a year, Sundays, All Public Holidays, After Hours and Home Visits. Often pain can come at the worst time and we understand treatment now can help prevent further injury and speed up your recovery.

Symptomatic Relief

People who often attended our clinic for pain find our treatment very successful and may come back when another injury or body part isn’t working as it should. Getting a Chiropractic adjustment will often aid in the recovery of an injury and help to speed up the process. Others find acute flare-ups of a chronic condition need quick action in this case a symptomatic approach to care may be taken. This approach to treatment will often help but won’t always correct the cause.

Lifestyle Choice

Many people find the rigorous lives many of us live today we need an extra spring our step from time to time. Some people choose to get adjusted whilst not in pain simply so they can feel better. Most people describe the feeling as looser or freer sometimes lighter. We find this is the case with many desk workers who are in the same position all day or trade workers who are constantly putting their body under stress in the Craigieburn area. Others who live active lifes such as runners, swimmers and team sports find Chiropractic can assist with they way they perform and feel when exercising or performing for this reason some people may get adjusted from 2-8 weeks by choice. You don’t see your dentist when your teeth are in pain, so why would you do the same with your body.

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