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Wellbeing Chiropractic offers professional, personalised chiropractic care in a warm and friendly setting. Our practice facilities are some of the best in Melbourne. We have modern and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment making it easier for our team of Chiropractors to more efficiently and accurately diagnose issues and commence effective treatment.

Wellbeing Hawthorn is a multiple disciplinary healthcare practice which includes Melbourne Homeopathy, located at 365 Burwood Road.

Homeopathy is a natural health profession which focuses on managing a symptom with a similar trigger to the condition. For example, if a person wants to quit smoking, a Homeopath expertly develops a concoction which uses tobacco and nicotine in it however in much smaller quantities to help the person quit the addiction. Homeopathy has a long history which spans over 200 years.

It was first developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann a German chemist and physician. Homeopathy is derived from the Greek words Homoios which means same or like and pathos, which can mean both pashion and suffering.

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Many people have an idea that medicines have the property of healing homeopathydiseases and that they have no intrinsic action of their own on our system when taken in health. But the fact is that almost every medicinal agent, when taken in health, produces its own individual symptoms. Thus when an overdose of Arsenic is taken; vomiting, purging and thirst sets in; when an overdose of Opium is ingested, it induces constipation, stupor etc. Now, there are certain diseases too, in course of which we meet with similar symptoms. For example in Cholera we get incessant vomiting and purging with much thirst, in certain diseases we get ‘coma’ or a state of deep unconsciousness and oftentimes constipation too! A Homeopath seizes hold of these 2 things:

  • The symptoms produced by a drug on a healthy persons system
  • The various symptoms produced in course of several diseases

And intelligently fits in the two, finding out the largest number of their points of contact; and he does something more- he uses a very tiny dose of a drug.

A Homeopath, for example, face to face with a case of Cholera, will select a very small of Arsenic, as soon as he meets with the symptoms-incessant vomiting, purging, and insatiable thirst.

Cardinal Points Of Homeopathy

  • Use of medicines, the totality of whose symptoms are similar to (but not necessarily the same as) those produced by the disease in question
  • Use of a single drug at a time
  • Use of minimum dose

Homeopathy is different because it treats the man, not the disease. That is melbourne hypnotherapyHomoeopathy insists upon, treating, not the symptoms as has been wrongly asserted, but the patient through his symptoms. The symptoms upon which the homoeopathic prescription is based are not (or as little as possible) the symptoms of the disease, but the symptoms manifested by that particular patient in his expression of the disease. Homeopathy stimulates genetics of a man so that he could start curing himself. You’re Unique. Every person has his or her own physical and emotional way of dealing with illness. Homeopathy is completely customized for you and your needs! That’s why your treatment will be tailored and individualized to You – safely and gently.

What To Expect With Your Hawthorn Homeopath

On your first visit with Homeopath, one is usually expected to undergo a detailed Case Taking. It includes a detailed discussion on:

  • One’s illness and the various modalities that affect the illness
  • Your general likes and dislikes – particularly of food, various cravings, sleep pattern, dreams
  • Previous medical history as well as family history

Why You Should Consider Homeopathy To Improve Your Health

  • Homeopathy may improve your mental outlook on life, increase your energy level, and focus your thoughts to improve your quality of life, control your emotions and improve physical health.
  • Homeopathy considers the mind while addressing the physical problems.
  • Special consideration is given to the symptoms and feelings which may not be perceived by the physician. E.g. burning, stitching, pain, anxiety felt in the stomach.
  • Homeopathic remedies work on mind and body and also relieve tensions, worries and anxiety.
  • Homeopathy may improve harmony in one’s body, personal life and professional growth.
  • Homeopathy may be able to offer an alternative for psychosomatic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, ulcers, migraine etc…
  • Homeopathy may improve general resistance while improving current condition
  • In Homeopathy, very minimal doses are often used with often no or minimal side effects.
  • Homeopathic remedies are tested on humans, not on animals.

Our Homeopath

  • Jeetendra Damudre (aka Jiten) is an experienced Homeopath and Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist with over a decade in clinical practice
  • Jiten is registered with AROH and AHA

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Dr Adam Curwood

Head Chiropractor at Wellbeing Chiropractic. Special interests in headaches, head/neck syndromes and disc bulges/lower back conditions.

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Dr Peter Vrakatselis

A leading Chiropractor at Wellbeing Dr. Peter has special interest in low back pain, disc injuries and sciatica. One of Melbourne's leading Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors having a special interest in complex neck conditions.

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Dr Robbie Hunt

Founder & Principal Chiropractor @ Wellbeing. Over a decade of clinical experience with musculo-skeletal and health conditions.

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Dr. Nicole Ritchie

Dr. Nicole is a passionate and energetic chiropractor with a broad clinical experience, treating patients of all ages and backgrounds.

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