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Wellbeing Chiropractic offers professional, personalised chiropractic care in a warm and friendly setting. Our practice facilities are some of the best in Melbourne. We have modern and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment making it easier for our team of Chiropractors to more efficiently and accurately diagnose issues and commence effective treatment.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist – Jiten Damudre

Dr Jiten brings many years of experience to the team at Wellbeing Hawthorn. Jiten is not only an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, he is also renowned lecturer, author and healer.  From the first time you meet Jiten you will sense his high level of intellect, intense focus and passion for helping others through natural hypnotherapy techniques. Jiten has over 10 years clinical experience in Hypnotherapy. He is available for private consultation at our Hawthorn practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Learn more about Dr. Jiten by clicking here or call reception on (03) 9882 7135 to schedule an appointment.


(Dr. Jiten at our Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne)

What Is Melbourne Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a combination of techniques that work to relax the body and open the subconscious mind. Your hypnotherapist will talk you through any problems that you wish to discuss, past events that have affected your life and goals for the future. People tend to thoroughly enjoy being hypnotised as it is a relaxing and insightful experience.

It is important to note that there is a strong code of ethics behind clinical hypnotherapy, and even while under hypnosis you will be fully aware of everything you say and do. Your therapist can not make you do anything that you do not want to do, and they will only use techniques that are constructive to your health and wellbeing.

To Make An Appointment Call: (03) 9882 7135

Are You Experiencing?

Relationship problems

Fear, anger and phobias

Anxiety and panic attacks

Depression or feelings of helplessness

Suicidal thoughts


Alcohol and drug use/addiction

Lack of libido

Sexual performance issues

Allergies including lactose intolerance

Obsessive compulsive behaviour

Memory of concentration problems

Weight control

Why Hypnotherapy May Be Able To Help You

Hypnotherapy can help to change the same patterns of thinking and emotions that form destructive habits and that feeling of being “stuck”. Your hypnotherapist will assist you to become aware of your subconscious thoughts, so that you can start to shift your way of thinking, which then can change how you act and feel.

Hypnotherapy can help you to move on from whatever has been holding you back. Instead of neglecting or ignoring the problems at hand, you will discover the tools to accept your situation and take action to make a change.

Why consider Hypnotherapy as a mode of treatment?

Evolution of Human Mind: 

Hypnosis is based on the idea that our subconscious affects how our
conscious mind thinks, reacts and behaves. As humans our minds have evolved over time so that we can think deeply and express ourselves creatively. This has many benefits and has helped shape the world as we know it; however it has come at a cost to our basic survival skills and instincts.

In the past, when we were confronted with a threat or dangerous situation such as a sabre toothed tiger, our brain would have two basic responses: fight or flight. This response is governed by our nervous system, and sets off processes in our body so that we can either fight the tiger or run away to safety. These physical and emotional reactions can still help us today in similar situations, such as quickly breaking in traffic or running away from a vicious dog.

However the problem for us now is that stressful situations or perceived dangers are less likely to be a rare visit from a scary beast; we are inundated with constant sources of stress whether it be work, family, friends, relationships, health, finances… the list goes on. There is nothing to easily “fight” or “fly” from in these complicated situations, but our body and mind cannot differentiate between different types of stress, and so what happens? We get angry, we cry, we shout, we ignore, or we suppress. This can lead to many problems such as weight gain, depression, addiction, allergies, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships and more.


(One of Hypnotherapy patients receiving treatment at our Wellbeing clinic)

What Should I Do?

If you feel as though Hypnotherapy may benefit you or someone close to you book an appointment today. If you are unsure or have any questions please feel free to call and talk to our highly regarded Hypnotherapist. Jiten has had many years working in the Hypnotehrapy field and is well resepected across Melbourne previously working at clinics in Richmond and Camberwell.

If you are feeling any of the emotions listed above please call today and we can start helping you straight away. Our clinic is open Mon-Fri 9:00-7:00pm and Saturday mornings 9:00-12:00, so please don’t hesitate to call. Alternatively please fill use the speak to us today message below if you would like further information about our Hypnotherapy clinic providing services for Melbourne residence.

melbourne hypnotherapy pain

(One of Melbourne residence undergoing Hypnotherapy)

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Meet Our Healthcare Professionals

Dr Adam Curwood

Senior Chiropractor at Wellbeing Chiropractic. Special interests in chronic conditions and is also currently studying a post graduate in Sports Chiropractic.

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Dr Alex Harvey

Senior Chiropractor at Wellbeing Chiropractic. Tremendous experience in health and wellness with a passion for treating musculo-skeletal injuries.

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Dr Peter Vrakatselis

Senior Chiropractor at Wellbeing. Previously a Myotherapist, Dr. Peter brings extensive clinical experience to the Wellbeing team.

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Dr Robbie Hunt

Founder & Principal Chiropractor @ Wellbeing. Over a decade of clinical experience with musculo-skeletal and health conditions.

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