Life Coaching with Mindfulness is a partnership that helps you achieve your goals. Through weekly sessions you have the chance to escape the rat race and get some perspective on your life. Through conversation, Life Coaching unfolds the deeper meaning of whom you are, what you want and how you’re going to get there. Coaching helps develops people’s confidence, character and fulfillment in life by exploring core values and habitual behaviors with the intention they become congruent.

Life Coaching is a creative process that inspires and motivates clients to reach their potential and it works on the principle that the client is the expert on their life, be it personal or professional. Working with a coach there’s is an assumption there’s nothing fix, that the client is resourceful and whole.

During personal or professional Coaching sessions the coach and client will explore goals and what the clients wants to achieve, the coach will then encourage self-discovery leading to self-generated solutions.

So how does life coaching work?

Life coaching training draws from Psychology and business training covering cognitive behavioral approach, Neuro Linguistics Programming, Solution Focused Approach, Narrative Approach, and business/marketing training.

Sessions will often explore mindfulness practice to encourage self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and resiliency strategies. All Life Coaching sessions are supported with follow up emails, workbooks and learning tools to maximize the experience.

Other ways to explore self discovery in Life coaching is in role play, practice, visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile approaches are also used engaging clients with tools and worksheets for experiential learning opportunities that supports the coaching conversation.

Many professionals, mums returning to work and business people have a life coach, life coaching is also beneficial for people in transition, changing careers, wanting to make personal or professional improvements and use a Life Coach to clarify and accelerate their growth.

Australia is currently enjoying a boom in the Life Coaching industry but it is still an unregulated practice, The Coaching Federation is a governing body that ensures high standards, a comprehensive code of conduct and strict membership guidelines and credentials for it’s coaches. When choosing a Life Coach ensure that they are an ICF member with a professional certification.

Life Coaching is like having someone who brings out the best in you without an agenda other than to keep you accountable to your goals and personal and professional growth.

Marion Miller

Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Marion Miller is a Certified Life Coach & Mindfulness teacher passionate about empowering leadership and helping people to make positive contributions to their lives, humanity and the planet. With a combination of Mindfulness and Coaching techniques she helps clients be more present, compassionate, overcome challenges, reduce stress and live mindfully. Marion is also the director of Mindfulness Room, a published author, mum of four girls and loves the beach!

You can contact Marion directly on 0423703960 or call reception at Hawthorn Wellbeing 9882 7135

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(Goal setting has to be measurable and achievable)


Mindfulness is the practice of bringing ones attention to the internal and external experiences in the present moment, and non-judgementally.
Mindfulness has its roots in some of the Buddhist traditions and has been re-contextualised in the science community with world-wide research into the benefits, including changes to brain structure and function.

The benefits of our Mindfulness program are:
• stress reduction
• greater concentration
• mind/body integration
• self-regulation
• self awareness
• creativity
• calm and clarity
• improved performance and productivity
• interpersonal mindfulness
• access to a mindful community

Mindfulness practice involves sitting in meditation and learning how to focus on breath and the body, other techniques include gentle movement, walking and using sound and prompts. When you learn to practice formally you can then begin to adapt mindful awareness to everyday life.

Our resident Mindfulness Teacher Marion Miller offers a 6 week Personal Mindfulness program for clients interested in starting a practice and learning some skills to develop and maintain their practice.

She also offers a weekly Wednesday Drop-in class upstairs at Wellbeing from 11-12pm. Bring your meditation cushion or book one via reception. The class explores different themes each week and you can sign up for a FREE intro voucher and weekly reminder newsletter with the class themes.

Marion studied teacher training with Melbourne Meditation Centre, she has also personally studied MBSR, Zen Buddhism, Insight Traditions, Breath and Body and Secular Mindfulness. She draws from eclectic influences and blends the teachings.

Companies such as Google and Twitter are training their staff in Mindfulness and Mindfulness training is also recommended by Doctors as an effective treatment of mild anxiety which is now prevalent in society. Mindfulness helps participants live better with chronic pain, illness and stress-related conditions.

Mindfulness can also help those who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives understand their inner-landscape and allow greater creativity and sense of freedom to emerge.

A developed mindfulness practice can help you become less reactive to the external world and allow you to approach life from an intrinsic space.

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