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We wont let you down, we are here to make you feel good and and recover quickly from any disease you are facing,


Our experienced team of three chiropractors offer a range of specific and effective chiropractic techniques available include: traditional manual adjustments, SOT/Blocks, AK, Drop Piece, Atlas Orthogonal, Activator and Flexion Distraction.

X-rays Onsite

Our practices have state-of-art digital X-ray facilities that allow our chiropractors to perform specific chiropractic x-rays immediately (if clinically indicated) so there is no need to refer for 3rd parties and await results. This allows our doctors to identify any problems faster, and commence treatment sooner.

3D Foot Scan

Each practice has 3-D scanning technology that uses laser and camera technology to accurately evaluate the posture of your foot. This information assists in the management of some musculoskeletal conditions (such as low back pain, knee issues or hip stiffness for example) whereby the feet may be playing a role.

sEMG Nerve Scan

We have sEMG or Surface Electro-Myographic technology that allows our doctors to non-invasively assess the function of your nerves that exit your spine. This enables the identification of nerve pressure and helps our chiropractors correct these problems.


We have a team of remedial massage therapists who provide relaxation, remedial, sports, rehabilitation, pregnancy and deep-tissue massage techniques.


Our team of Myotherapists offer a range of soft tissue techniques including: traditional and deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy.

Meet our Medical Specialists

Dr Robbie Hunt
Dr Robbie Hunt

Principal and founder of Wellbeing Chiropractic, Robbie has over 10 years experience with a range of musculoskeletal and health concerns.

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Dr James Allen
Dr James Allen

Formerly fitness and rehabilitation assistant consultant at Carlton football, James now focuses on sports and family chiropractic.

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Dr Peter Vrakatselis
Dr Peter Vrakatselis

After gaining extensive clinical experience working as a Myotherapist alongside several Chiropractors, Peter went onto specialise and become a chiropractor.

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Dr. Eva Townsend
Eva Jackson

Eva is an experienced remedial massage therapist with nearly 20 years experience

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Jordan Galt

Jordan is an experienced myotherapist. Jordan is available for consultation from Monday to Thursdays from Wellbeing Pakenham 

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Janice Monk
Janice Monk

Janice is an experienced remedial massage therapist and Myotherapist. She is available for appointments Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Pakenham clinic.

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Kate Collin
Kate Collin

Kate is a senior Chiropractic Assistant. As a former Myotherapist Kate understands the benefits of Chiropractic and massage.

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Dr. Catherine Madigan
Shelley Videky

Shelley loves everything Netball, having played and coached in local competitions for the past 20 years.

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Wellbeing Chiropractor Pakenham

Chiropractor Pakenham

We are extremely passionate & proud of our practice facilities at Wellbeing Chiropractic because our state of the art equipment enables our doctors and therapists to help our patients achieve the best possible ongoing results.

Our Chiropractors benefit from having brand-new electronic OMNI Chiropractic tables which are recognised as being industry leaders in Chiropractic table technology. Each of our adjusting suites is equipped with two fully customized tables ensuring maximum therapeutic benefit for patients and their families. Each table includes 4-drop piece mechanisms (cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic) and premium high density foam covered leathered cushions. This combination enables our doctors to deliver crisp spinal and extremity adjustments whilst ensuring patient comfort. Our adjusting suites also include two Arthrostim hand held adjusting instruments.

The Arthrostim instrument is fantastic for releasing muscle trigger points, muscle spasm and relieving overall muscle tension to assist with the Chiropractic adjustment.  Furthermore, our Chiropractors also have access to the highly sought after Lloyd Flexion-Distraction Chiropractic table which is primarily used on patients with acute/chronic disc injuries or prefer a more gentle Chiropractic approach. This table is completely customized with four hydrolic drops, an electric elevator, premium high density leather covered foam cushions and flexion-distraction mechanism.

Adjacent to our Chiropractic adjusting suites we have our own onsite radiology centre at each practice. Equipped with state of the art Kodak digital scanners allowing our Chiropractors to accurately obtain spinal and extremity views to identify problems sooner without requiring third parties and commence treatment faster.  Our doctors use Capable software which allows for accurate up-to-date clinical notes and ensures we monitor the progress of all our patients without needing old fashioned paper files.

As well as our Chiropractic facility, we also have dedicated treatment rooms fully equipped for Podiatry, Kinesiology, Psychology, Personal Training & Exercise Physiology, Naturopathy, Massage Therapy & Myotherapy.
At Wellbeing Chiropractic we have all your needs covered, in two convenient locations so we can work on “helping you feel well.”

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Our Team's Passion

We asked our team why they are passionate about health and wellbeing

  • james

    “It is my passion to see people live a healthy, happy and active lifestyle by improving and maintaining proper spinal health through Chiropractic, good nutrition and exercise”

  • robbie

    “I have particular interest in helping patients diagnosed with chronic pain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and headaches”