Modern hypnotherapy has developed significantly for its founding days and has been recognised as a valid treatment for several decades. With advances in neuroscience and our understanding of the brain, hypnotherapy has been shown to be a technique for self-improvement and healing.

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Whilst traditional medical methods are successful for some, other individuals require a holistic approach to their wellbeing. Your hypnotherapist will help you to relax and guide you through your subconscious to allow you to focus. Once in a hypnotic state, you are still awake but you are completely in the present moment, and you will become aware of thoughts that you otherwise would not be able to access. You can tap in to the negative thoughts, patterns or beliefs that influence your conscious attitudes, habits, behaviors or feelings, and facilitate change in areas of your life that you want to improve.

With hypnotherapy you are in control during the entire process. Any decisions that are made during hypnosis are up to you; at no point can your therapist make you do anything that you don’t approve of. It is important to reiterate that while many people think of hypnosis as being in a “trance” or asleep, in reality you are still awake and in charge of your own mind and body.


melbourne hypnotherapy2Hypnotherapy is a popular mode of treatment in Melbourne with a range of patients such as business people, athletes, students, parents, medical professionals and more. Whether you have a specific issue that you want to focus on, a certain area of your life that you want to improve or you are just seeking a better understanding of your own body and mind, hypnotherapy may be able to benefit you.

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