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Chiropractor Pakenham

Conveniently located in the heart of Pakenham
Open 6 days every week offering same-day appointments
Trusted by the local Pakenham community for over 10-years   

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We extremely passionate & proud of our practice at Wellbeing Chiropractic Pakenham. We have professional team of experienced chiropractors, myotherapists and remedial massage therapists in a warm and welcoming environment. We have extensive clinical experience and training seeing people for a range of musculo-skeletal issues and health concerns that often may have continued despite traditional mainstream management. Our chiropractors see people of all ages including infants, kids and the elderly. The practice has state-of-the-art facilities ebabling our practitioners to help you achieve optimal long term results. For over 10-years we have been the go-to Pakenham Chiropractors for residents in Cardinia shire and beyond!

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State Of The Art Practice Facilities In One Location

Our Chiropractic team benefit from having modern electronic OMNI Chiropractic tables which are industry leading in Chiropractic table technology. All of our adjusting rooms are supplied with multi unique tables ensuring optimal therapeutic benefit for patients and their families. All tables include a 4-drop piece mechanisms (cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic) and high quality foam covered, leathered cushions. This combination enables our doctors to deliver precise spinal and extremity corrections whilst ensuring full patient ease. Our adjusting rooms also include multiple Arthrostim hand held adjusting instruments.

An Arthrostim is a specific instrument used by Pakenham Chiropractors to normalise joint function and enhance muscular movements. It is great at stimulating muscle spindles, improving proprioceptive feedback and breaking down scar tissue.

Our Pakenham Chiropractic practice is equipped with radiographic facilities including a digital x-ray generator and Kodak image processor. This allows us to take x-rays quickly, if clinically needed, come to a diagnosis faster, and subsequently commence treatment sooner.

We also have nerve scanning technology, 3-D posture scanners, iPad postural analysis and paperless Chiropractic software. All of this helps us become a “one stop chiropractic and wellbeing practice” and reduces our dependency of 3rd party testing which often results in delays and additional fees to the patient.

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An initial appointment at the practice involves one of our Pakenham Chiropractors taking an in-depth health and medical hisotry, where the Doctor will review your previous and current health status. After taking a thorough history, they will perform a physical examination involving: 3D postural analysis, sEMG nerve scanning, orthopaedic and neurological testing.

5 Reasons Why To Choose Us As Your Pakenham Chiropractor
  1. We have three highly trained and locally regarded Chiropractors under the one roof in Main St Pakenham
  2. We are open longer & later hours to better suit your busy lifestyle
  3. Our practice is fully equipped with the latest and most modern technology to help you achieve the best results
  4. Onsite and street parking is available
  5. Onsite HICAPs facilities as well as a variety of affordable payment options

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