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Majority of people associate Chiropractors with treating back pain, neck discomfort, headaches or sciatica. While particular Chiropractic techniques may be helpful for managing these types of problems, many recreational and elite sports people consult Chiropractors on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. Our practices in Pakenham, Melton, Craigieburn, Epping, Hawthorn & Hoppers Crossing are associated with local sporting bodies and teams including amateur clubs (AFL, triathlon, bowls, cricket), as well as several professional athletes who visit our Sports Chiropractors and massage therapists to assist with their conditioning, structural alignment and ultimately sporting performance.

Why Do Athletes Or Recreational Sports Players Turn To Sports Chiropractors?

Over the years there has been an increasing amount of research on Chiropractic & the overall benefits for athletes. Although this research has been limited, some of the studies have shown that Chiropractic care may assist with improving strength, endurance, agility, muscle balance & importantly reduce the risk of injury1 amongst other things. Other researchers have concluded that “chiropractic management resulted in improved injury recovery rates & improved athletic performance”2 and “reaction times were notably improved following Chiropractic management”3

How Exactly Does Chiropractic Management Achieve This?

  •  Chiropractic treatment attempts to ensure your nervous system and musculo-skeletal system are functioning optimally.
  •  Proper nervous system function is important to controlling & regulating every process in the human body, processes such as muscle contraction, balance & power development.
  •  Abnormal spinal alignment may lead to alterations in an individuals nervous system function, therefore getting your spine assessed by a Sports Chiropractor can be  important.
  •  Not only athletes but everyone may benefit from Chiropractic check-ups to ensure their spine is balanced & aligned allowing proper biomechanics & posture.
  •  Typical techniques employed by Sports Chiropractors include spinal adjustments/mobilisations, soft tissue therapies, rehabilitative/strengthening/flexibility exercises as well as complimentary therapies like laser, ultrasound & TENS.

Meet Our Practitioners

Our practice is headed by Dr. Robbie Hunt, principal chiropractor aswell as Dr. Adam Curwood, Dr. Alex Harvey, Dr Rami Tawil, Dr Nicole Ritchie and Dr. Peter Vrakatselis. All six combined have clinical experience of more then 30 years helping elite, amateur & recreational sports players with their sports experiences and Chiropractic techniques.

Dr. Robbie Hunt has personally completed over 100 triathlons, several ironman events and international marathons. With these interests he often teams up with many amateur and professional endurance athletes, giving them training advice, injury prevention and nutritional tips to help them rehabilitate, achieve optimum peak performance and avoid future injuries.

Dr. Alex Harvey has worked closely with amateur level AFL athletes at two high profile Melbourne based clubs assisting with injury prevention, strength training as well as program development.

Dr. Peter Vrakatselis has many years experience assisting various amateur Melbourne soccer clubs within their respective rehabilitation and conditioning departments. Dr. Peter is also qualified as a clinical Myotherapist and therefore incorporates many soft tissue techniques into his treatment protocols.

Dr Nicole Ritchie has worked with several soccer and futsal teams, as well representing WA playing these sports herself.

Are You Suffering? Some Problems Potentially Helped By Sports Chiropractors Include:

  •  Muscle, ligament & tendon sprains and strains
  •  Pelvic dysfunction
  •  Knee, foot & ankle injuries
  •  Whiplash
  •  Shoulder, elbow & wrist injuries
  •  Plantar Fascitis
  •  Muscle imbalance & weakness
  • Postural reinforcement
  • Ask our team for more problems if yours is not listed

High Profile Athletes That Have Used Sports Chiropractors:

Athlete’s all over the world have used Chiropractic in an effort to improve their sporting performance. Some major names who are known to use Chiropractors include:

  • Michael Jordan
  •  Lleyton Hewitt
  •  Usan Bolt
  •  Cadel Evans
  •  Lance Armstrong
  •  Tiger Woods
  •  Evander Holyfield
  •  Scottie Pippen
  •  Arnold Schwarzengger
  • Players from the AFL and NRL

For additional information regarding the possible benefits of Sports Chiropractic techniques feel free to visit the following link:

Chiropractic Association of Australia

Dr. Robbie Hunt and Novak Djokovic (Chiropractic Advocate & Word No. 1 Tennis Player at the time)

Scientific research into the chiropractic overall is limited. More research investigating the relationship between “Athletic Benefit and Chiropractic” is needed.

  • Of the research available, selected research suggests chiropractic management may improve athletic performance.
  • At the London 2012 summer Olympics there was a large number of Chiropractors working with athletes and teams from different countries of the world.
  • Gold medallist Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Ian Thorpe, Michael Jordan and other successful athletes are said to have used chiropractic care as a part of their performance management, injury prevention and to help with their recovery.
  • Most people visit a chiropractor in response to pain or injury, however there are potential benefits for athletes and athletic performance.
  • Some of the available research suggests chiropractic management may:
    •   Reduce inflammatory mediators
    •    Increases normal immune function
    •    Increases oxygen intake
    •    Reduces lactic acid
    •    Decreases stress
    •    Increase energy levels
  • As with many other therapies and treatments that claim to be effective, there is research that says otherwise. Some of the available research into chiropractic suggests it is not effective at increasing performance, and/or is only effective as the “placebo.”
  • What is for certain – more quality research into chiropractic is needed!