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Wellbeing Chiropractic offers professional, personalised chiropractic care in a warm and friendly setting. Our practice facilities are some of the best in Melbourne. We have modern and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment making it easier for our team of Chiropractors to more efficiently and accurately diagnose issues and commence effective treatment.

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There are many different types of treatment for the wide variety of musculoskeletal problems that exist. If you’re suffering lower back pain, a disc bulge or even sciatica you may not have heard of a technique called flexion-distraction (or traction) that is commonly used in our Hawthorn practice and by practitioners world-wide.

What Is Traction Technique?

Traction is a technique that targets the discs, muscles, ligaments and joints of the lower back by using a specifically-designed table that stretches (lengthens) and flexes the spine. This motion may assist relieving musculoskeletal pain by removing pressure off discs, opening up joints, potentially reducing spinal nerve pressure and muscle tension.

Who May Benefit From Traction Therapy?

  • Lower back pain sufferers
  • Individuals putting up with sciatica, nerve pain, numbness, weakness or tingling
  • Those with a history of lumbar disc bulge/herniation looking for a different treatment technique
  • Individuals who prefer a non-manipulative approach to their Chiropractic management
  • Individuals suffering from Arthritis, Spondylolithesis, Scoliosis, Sacroliac Joint Syndrome or pain, Spinal stenosis or Ankylosing Spondylitis

How Does Traction Differ From Traditional Chiropractic Techniques?

Traditionally you would associate “cracking”, “popping” or “manipulation” with Chiropractic. However, Chiropractors are trained and commonly use many other techniques than you may think. Chiropractors also use what are sometimes referred to as “lower force”  or “more passive” techniques that may be suitable for all age groups. The major difference between traction therapy and traditional Chiropractic techniques is that traction can be more gentle and in some cases is the preferred technique for managing many lower back musculoskeletal related problems.

How Does The Traction Table Work?

Your Hawthorn Chiropractors are fortunate to have an onsite traction table so you do not need to go anywhere else to receive your treatment. Patients lie face down on the traction table with their ankles gentle strapped to the foot piece to ensure no movement during the procedure.

This also allows for greater stretching. When the patient is correctly positioned, the Chiropractor applies a gentle pressure to the particular area requiring treatment while slowly stretching, lengthening and flexing the spine. Depending on the extent of your injury, traction may be performed over only a couple of minutes or over a longer period.

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Dr Adam Curwood

Head Chiropractor at Wellbeing Chiropractic. Special interests in headaches, head/neck syndromes and disc bulges/lower back conditions.

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Dr Peter Vrakatselis

A leading Chiropractor at Wellbeing Dr. Peter has special interest in low back pain, disc injuries and sciatica. One of Melbourne's leading Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors having a special interest in complex neck conditions.

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Dr Robbie Hunt

Founder & Principal Chiropractor @ Wellbeing. Over a decade of clinical experience with musculo-skeletal and health conditions.

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Dr. Nicole Ritchie

Dr. Nicole is a passionate and energetic chiropractor with a broad clinical experience, treating patients of all ages and backgrounds.

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