Atlas Chiropractic Melbourne and Suburbs

What does an “Atlas” or an “Upper Neck” Chiropractor do?

These are qualified Chiropractors who have undertaken further training in theory, radiography, assessment and technique relating to the upper neck. An Atlas chiropractor will assess the top vertebrae in the neck (C1)

Where to go for Atlas Orthogonal help?

Our team of chiropractors are available from over many locations around Melbourne: from Werribee to Pakenham, Melton, Sunbury, Epping, Ringwood and more


Not all Chiropractors are trained in Atlas Orthogonal. To be able to adjust in the same style as Mr Sweat (founder of the Atlas Orthogonal principles and styloid-instrument technique) additional training and study is required. At Wellbeing we have a team of chiropractors who are trained and certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors in Melbourne.

What does an initial Atlas Chiropractic appointment involve at one of our practices?

  • Private one-on-one consultation
  • A detailed review of your current and past health & medical history.
  • Computerised postural analysis.
  • Orthopaedic & Neuro-muscular testing
  • Atlas Orthogonal X-rays are taken onsite (if clinically indicated)
  • Thorough analysis of your results to determine your need for treatment and the capacity of Atlas treatment to assist in your situation.

Quick FAQs about Atlas Orthogonal

  1. What is AO? AO is short for Atlas Orthogonal, a Chiropractic technique which focuses on the upper cervical spine, C1 the atlas and C2 the axis.
  2. Who does AO? Registered Doctors of Chiropractic who have undertaken extra training and completed the Atlas Orthogonal certified training program.
  3. Do I need X-rays? Only if clinically indicated. Atlas Orthogonal is a technique which usually uses measurements of different upper neck landmarks in order to deliver the most beneficial adjustment possible.
  4. Who created AO? Chiropractor Dr Roy W. Sweat (chiropractor) is the founder of Atlas Orthogonal principles and styloid adjusting instrument in 1981. Dr Sweat created the AO program after years of teaching another upper cervical technique called occipital-atlanto-axial complex, this was under the guidance of Chiropractor John F. Grostic.  Sweat developed the Chiropractic adjustment instrument, x-ray positioning and x-ray analysis computer program.

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