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What does an “Atlas” or an “Upper Neck” Chiropractor do?

Atlas Chiropractic Melbourne showing the movement of the atlasThese are qualified chiropractors who have undertaken further training in theory, radiography, assessment and technique relating to the upper neck. An Atlas chiropractor will assess the top vertebrae in the neck (C1) and adjust it with an instrument that transmits a vibration into the skin.

What is Atlas Orthogonal Technique?

Atlas Orthogonal is an upper neck spinal healthcare program that is based on biomechanical procedures. Created by American Chiropractor Dr. Roy Sweat. Dr Sweat developed this program, and through his research, developed the technique that uses an instrument to transmit vibration into the upper neck influencing spinal alignment of this area. This treatment technique requires no forceful manipulation.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic focuses on adjusting the alignment of the top vertebrae C1 (Atlas). Vertebral misalignments are believed to cause nerve pressure which can lead to muscular tension and tightness. By adjusting the c1 vertbra into a more “aligned” position, patients may feel relief of pain and tension in the upper neck.

Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is a Chiropractic technique that addresses problems arising from the upper neck (cervical spine). The upper neck is a delicate area with a high proportion of the bodies nerves sending and receiving messages located here. Atlas Chiropractic is a technique used to assess the upper neck and its relationship to the cranium above and remaining spine below.

We currently offer Atlas treatment at any of our 20+ locations

Where to go for Atlas Orthogonal help?

Atlas Chiropractic Melbourne showing the how the atlas is treated on a sidelying patient
Our team of chiropractors are available across multiple locations throughout Melbourne.

The Hawthorn practice is at 365 Burwood Road, a 5 minutes walk from Glenferrie train station or a 20 minute drive from Melbourne city centre. The Carlton practice is @ 143 Drummond St.

The Pakenham practice is at 3 Rogers St Pakenham, only 5 minutes from Pakenham train station, accessible from the M1 freeway or Princess Highway. Our Berwick location is @ 3 Manuka Rd Berwick.

In the west we have multiple locations: Werribee practice is located at 33 Princess Hwy Werribee (1km from Werribee Shopping centre), 238 Boardwalk Blv,  Point Cook and 834 Tarneit Rd, Tarneit. We also have a practice in Melton at 118 Barries Rd

Up in the north, we have 4 practices – 841 High St Epping,  41 Craigieburn Rd, Sunbury at 31 Barkly Street and 795 Plenty Rd South Morang.

In the East, we have locations at Cranbourne at 301 South Gippsland Highway, Berwick at 3 Manuka Road, 35 Maroondah Highway Lillydale, Ringwood at 295 Canterbury Road and 282 Dorset Road Boronia.

More locations coming soon

What does an initial appointment involve?

  • Private one-on-one consultation
  • A detailed review of your current and past health & medical history.
  • Computerised postural analysis.
  • Orthopaedic & Neuro-muscular testing
  • Atlas Orthogonal X-rays are taken onsite (if clinically indicated)
  • Thorough analysis of your results to accurately determine your need for treatment and the capacity of Atlas treatment to assist in your situation.

6 Quick FAQs about Atlas Orthogonal

  1. What is AO? AO is short for Atlas Orthogonal, a Chiropractic technique which focuses on the upper cervical spine, C1 the atlas and C2 the axis.
  2. Who does AO? Doctors of Chiropractic who have undertaken extra training and completed the Atlas Orthogonal certified training program.
  3. How is it different to traditional Chiropractic? Atlas Orthogonal is different in terms of application and analysis. It focuses only on the upper cervical spine, C1 and C2. AO is an adjustment technique and it is done by a styloid instrument. There is no hands-on adjustment, no cracking of the neck!

Atlas Chiropractic Melbourne bones of the neck, skull and how they align from the side

More facts about AO

  1. What determines treatment? The Chiropractor will go over your full health history and learn more about your symptoms and problems. The Chiropractor will also perform orthopedic and physical examinations, leg length checks, range of motion, do palpation and an upper neck x-ray examination, if clinically indicated. The results of your medical history and the results of these tests determines the course of treatment needed.
  2. Do I need X-rays? X-rays will only be taken if clinically indicated. Atlas Orthogonal technique uses measurements of different upper neck landmarks in order to deliver the most beneficial adjustment possible.
  3. Who created AO? Chiropractor Dr Roy W. Sweat is the founder of Atlas Orthogonal principles and styloid adjusting instrument in 1981. Dr Sweat created the AO program after years of teaching another upper cervical technique called occipital-atlanto-axial complex, this was under the guidance of Chiropractor Dr John F. Grostic.  Dr Sweat developed the Chiropractic adjustment instrument, x-ray positioning and x-ray analysis computer program.

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