Do you live in Melbourne and suffer from back pain? Are you looking for professional treatment for your back pain in Melbourne or surrounding areas? Look no further, your back pain Melbourne Chiropractor is here, with the team at Wellbeing Chiropractic willing, eager and able to help you.

With a team of  back pain Melbourne Chiropractors with a combined experienced of over 30 years experience, our Doctors have seen it all. Our Chiropractors focus on  structural correction when it comes to back pain. With several convenient Melbourne locations we have back pain Chiropractors wherever you need.


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Back Pain Melbourne Chiro


Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions seen everyday at our different back pain Melbourne Chiropractic clinics. Low back pain can be complex, with many different causes. Our Doctors aim to be as thorough as possible when assessing and examining patients with low back pain, to help find the cause of the problem so it can be treated and managed.

Lumbar Facet Impingement Syndrome

Lumbar facet  impingement syndrome is a condition our back pain Melbourne Chiropractors see everyday. Also known as vertebral subluxation complex, it is a condition where the joints in the lower back lock up and pinch the small cartilage in between the two joint surfaces. This cartilage is highly sensitive and has rich nerve supply and when it is pinched or caught in the joint it causes pain. Our Doctors are very experienced in treating and managing lumbar facet impingement syndrome using various corrective Chiropractic techniques for best patient outcomes.

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