Why do Chiropractors take X-Rays?

Chiropractors have been taking X-rays for over 100 years. Chiropractors may find X-rays useful with patient Diagnosis and management of patients conditions. This may also help to assist in patient rehabilitation and giving specific postural exercises. However another reason that Chiropractors may take X-rays of clinically-indicated is to be precautions to make sure risk is limited when performing adjustments on the spine.

Common X-Ray views?

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Depending on your presenting condition, chiropractors may take single region X-ray views or multiple regional radiographs. Common X-ray views of the neck an anterior to posterior lower cervical X-ray, and an anterior and posterior open mouth view. The addition of a lateral neck X-ray put commonly referred to as a cervical series. Depending on a patient’s condition the addition of a flexion and extension lateral view or left and right oblique views may be used. A flexion and extension lateral is most commonly used when there is a possibility of instability in the cervical spine which may be indicated in a patient’s history. Oblique lateral views may be used when degeneration or IVF encroachments may be assumed. Chiropractors may also take thoracic or mid back radiographs. Typically this region is a simple anterior to posterior and lateral view. Lastly lumbar and or lumbar-pelvic views may be attained by the Chiropractor for lower back conditions. Typically an anterior to posterior pelvic view and a lateral lumbar-pelvic view will be taken. Similarly to the cervical region, oblique views may be taken to help determine if a pars-defect is present. 

What are the indications to take an X-Ray?

When determining if an X-ray of a particular region should be taken, multiple factors come into play. These may include but are not limited to trauma, pain, spinal degeneration, scoliosis, metabolic disordered and/or genetic anomalies. The Chiropractic Board of Australia also furthermore suggests Chiropractors ask themselves 5 Questions before taking or referring any x-ray which all of our Chiropractors do. 

What measurements may be done on X-Rays?

Depending on the regional view of an X-ray, then depends on the measurements. For instance in the thoracic and lumbar region from a front on view Cobb Angle may be used to determine the degree of scoliosis. Orthopaedic measurements may also be recorded to assist in curvature of the spine from a lateral view. Evidence has been modelled out to assist in determining averages for curvatures of the spine. In particular areas that evidence is found can be in Chiropractic Biophysics and also Yochum and Rowe.

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