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51 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs

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Caroline Springs

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Our services:

  • Available 6-7 days a week
  • Same-Day-Appointments
  • Secure online appointments
  • Combined experience of over 30 years
  • Access to a range of other allied health professionals
  • Onsite X-rays imaging
  • HICAPS insurance rebates
  • Traction Machines for spinal decompression


Chiropractors in Caroline Springs

Wellbeing Chiropractic Caroline Springs offers professional and experienced Chiropractic care 6 days per week.  Can’t make our Caroline Springs clinic? Wellbeing has over twenty (20) chiropractic clinics around Melbourne, many that will just be a short drive from you. Is it an out of hours emergency? See HERE for details on how to access treatment.



Our practice will be located at 51 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs. Our modern facilities and chiropractic equipment include OMNI chiropractic tables, 3-D posture scanning technology, electric arthrostim adjusting instruments, as well as a range of the traditional chiropractic tools.


  • Wellbeing clinics have appointments  available 7 days per week
  • We guarantee you an appointment time Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
  • We offer an after-hours emergency service Monday to Sunday
  • Over 30 allied health professionals work within the Wellbeing group
  • Wellbeing Chiropractic has been delivering successful health care treatments for over 10 years and is trusted by the local community
  • We offer traditional manual chiropractic treatment as well as more modern techniques including spinal decompression therapy.
  • Rigorous hiring combined with ongoing continuing education means your chiropractor will be able to offer you the latest science based treatment options 
  • Wellbeing has a structured mentoring program to encourage internal development and skill sharing
  • All our Chiropractors are licensed professionals who continue to attend professional education training and workshops
  • Our clinics have x-ray facilities or can offer those same services within 10 minutes of the clinic
  • We have male and female practitioners available
  • All Wellbeing chiropractors at all of our neighbouring clinics  can offer you the same level of care and service; and you will be welcomed like a regular patient (not made fill out new patient forms at each site)



Caroline Springs is located in the City of Melton, 21 kilometres from Melbourne’s Central Business District. The population is rapidly growing with over 24,000 residents. Caroline Springs is a very new suburb, developed from greenfield land in 1999.

Our practice offers tailored chiropractic treatment and injury management to predominantly residents in Caroline Springs, Hillside, Taylors Hill, Albanvale and Burnside.


Wellbeing Chiropractic Caroline Springs is a warm and inviting family-based practice, seeing people of all ages, including; families, sports people, office workers, tradesmen and retirees. Our practice is well-equipped with current and state-of-the-art facilities including; OMNI Verti-Lift Adjusting Chiropractic tables, 3D Postural Scans, Arthrostim spinal adjustors, Activator methods as well as providing HICAPS enabling all patients to immediately claim, saving you time and money whilst providing adequate and instant care.


Our Chiropractors are graduates from RMIT University, completing a 5 year double degree of the Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Chiropractic). The demands of this course mean that our Chiropractor graduates are able to offer a diverse variety of modern and alternative techniques. With 100’s of hours spent in supervised clinic before successful graduation, those same graduates are able to tailor these techniques to the needs of each individual that comes into our clinic, specifically matched to the patients needs. This techniques include: Diversified Adjustments, Activator Methods, Chiropractic BioPhysics, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Thompsons Technique (Drop Piece) and Athrostim, among many others. Our Chiropractors are determined to provide the community with management a variety of musculoskeletal complaints.

Caroline Springs is a family orientated community and is an up and coming outer city of Melbourne. Kororoit creek runs through the middle of the Caroline Springs suburb and is part of a beautiful wetlands reclamation area. The wetlands have encouraged the growth of many native species or frogs, lizards, turtles and kangaroos to name just a few.  The high street of Caroline Springs is built around a beautiful lake aptly named, Lake Caroline.


  1. The word Chiropractic stems from the Greek “done by hand”
  2. Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners – meaning they can be the first contact a person can make when they have a health problem
  3. You do not need a referral to see a chiropractor
  4. Chiropractors can help with the symptoms of common musculoskeletal conditions like low back pain, neck pain and headaches
  5. Chiropractors have a particular interest in the spine and the nervous system
  6. All Chiropractors must complete a minimum of 5 years tertiary study which includes anatomy, neurology and physiology
  7. Chiropractic is offered at several universities around Australia including – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Macquarie University, Murdoch University and Central Queensland University (CQU)
  8. Chiropractors are also required to complete continuing education, or continuing professional development (25hr per year) to maintain access to the latest evidence based techniques for diagnosis, treatment and management
  9. Using their knowledge and specific orthopaedic examinations, Chiropractors can help diagnose and manage certain spinal and musculoskeletal conditions
  10. Practising Australian Chiropractors must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which also govern medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists
  11. Collectively Chiropractors in Australia see an estimated 21.3 million patient visits per year
  12. Chiropractors may use a number of treatment modalities to help manage a diagnosis – they include soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises and spinal adjustments
  13. Chiropractors are available to see patients who are approved by Traffic Accident Commission, Enhanced Primary Care and WorkCover
  14. Research shows that Chiropractors may be effective in managing lower back pain, neck pain, and muscle tension
  15. Chiropractic is utilised in over 40 countries worldwide where it is regulated and recommended

If you have any more questions about if we are the Chiropractor please call us.

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