COVID-19 Snap Lockdown

Are Chiropractors Open During Circuit Breaker Snap Lockdown?


Update @ 6/8/21

All our clinic locations are open and we are taking appointments.

We are seeing patients who currently have pain, experiencing symptoms or who’s condition may significantly decline if not seen by a chiropractor. 

All non-urgent and routine appointments should be reschedule to after any lock down period.  So if you do not have pain or symptoms please call us to reschedule or discuss. 

Please bring a mask to your appointment unless you have an exemption.

If you have any flu-like symptoms please reschedule appointment and follow the DHHS advice.

For more information on COVID-19 snap lockdown guidelines go to:

Due to recent outbreaks Victoria will be undergoing a snap lockdown as of 8PM tonight  (6/8/2021 – 7:59PM) with masks to be worn everywhere when outside of the house and only authorized workplaces to be open. Health practitioners including Chiropractors will stay open during this time to give care to patients, meaning we will be open.

We may be limiting appointments due to the amount of care required, we may also be restricting the amount of bookings we will be taking, if we do so we will make appropriate updates and prioritize conditions and cases requiring the most immediate attention.

Definition of Authorised Workers

Authorized workers pertains to work considered essential and includes:

For this purpose, essential clinical care is defined as:

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