Dr. Adam Curwood

Dr. Adam Curwood

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Dr Adam Curwood is the Head Chiropractor at Hawthorn and Werribee for Wellbeing Chiropractic. He is available for consultation 6 days/week from the Werribee and Hawthorn practices. Adam graduated from RMIT University with Distinction in Masters of Clinical Chiropractic and has previously worked at clinics in Pakenham and St. Kilda.

Adam’s Chiropractic story doesn’t actually begin in Hawthorn or Werribee. It began when he was 15 years of age after he visited a local chiropractor for severe headaches and low back pain that had been bothering him for 2 school terms and affecting his ability to play sport. Adam gained significant relief after only a handful of chiropractic adjustments, and after applying the lifestyle and exercise advice he was given, was back at his best in no time!


At the time of Adam’s first introduction to Chiropractic, he was playing soccer for Victoria at a national level and was extremely active. Him and his parents decided to continue his chiropractic care in the form of monthly “Wellness” adjustments to keep his body fine-tuned, working at it’s best and to lessen the likelihood of injuries given his high physical workload. Adam has continued this routine to this day and strongly believes in the idea of using chiropractic proactively, and not just reactively or when you are in pain.

Adam is currently undertaking post graduate studies in Sports Chiropractic and continues to implement these skills he is mastering to further assist current and future athletes in the Hawthorn and Werribee area. He has also attended seminars on sacro-occipital technique (S.O.T), Thompson, Diversified, Gonstead, Functional Neurology and more. Adam has a keen passion for further study and knowledge to give his clients the best possible management and results.

Adam – Chiropractor,  is an active member of the:

-Chiropractic Association of Australia(CAA)  

-Australian Spinal Research Foundation(ASRF)

-Atlas Orthogonal Australia 

-Sports Chiropractic Australia


Adam is also a founder of the Health Care Cup, which are Australian rules football matches played between male and female chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy students aimed to raise money for the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

When not in practice, Adam enjoys running, going to the gym and surfing. Adam also enjoys playing water polo socially once a week with friends.

Adam is available for appointments Monday to Saturday at Werribee and Hawthorn

To make an appointment with Adam, Chiropractor call 9974 -6966 (Werribee), 9882-7135 (Hawthorn) or Book Online Below

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