Dr. Colin Budich

Dr. Colin Budich

Carlton, Melbourne,

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After 25 years in practice, Colin is still surprised at the healing ability of the body and has not lost the passion for patient care and guiding them through their healing journey.

Colin never forgets the basic fundamental techniques that have brought him so much success. He uses his skills in manipulation, analysis by touch, and the ability to diagnose a problem quickly as the cornerstone of his practice and understands that the whole body must be analysed in order to get optimal diagnosis.

In addition to the basic diagnostic tools and techniques Colin utilises muscle testing (Kinesiology) to access not just the spine but peripheral joints and tissue such as elbows, hands feet and the hips.

Colin has a new found passion for helping those who have had sporting injuries, where he can manage and give advice to manage the injury process from the acute stage back to return to play. Colin loves to combine rehab and joint stabilisation exercise treatment.

Dry needle therapy has been another massive inclusion in with Colin’s practice. Feel free to call and ask for further information on this

Colin’s  patients are all so different, and his experience has shown all people respond to the same techniques differently and with the same response rate, He now concentrates on isolating problems quickly and has a fantastic array of treatments.

Colin is available for consults in Carlton from Monday to Saturday.

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