Dr. Nicole Ritchie

Dr. Nicole Ritchie

Craigieburn, Epping,

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Dr. Nicole is a passionate and energetic chiropractor with a broad clinical experience, treating patients of all ages and backgrounds. She is dedicated to helping patients achieve their health goals, whether it be in regard to posture, spinal health, sports performance or just simply getting out of pain. She is particularly interested in helping patients with work and sleep ergonomics as well as patients with chronic headaches and migraines.

Dr. Nicole is originally from Perth, graduating from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Chiropractic with Distinction. She is currently undertaking her post-graduate studies in Sports Chiropractic, as well as having attended seminars for chiropractic techniques including SOT and Gonstead.

Dr. Nicole has been under chiropractic care since her early 20’s. At this time she was participating in a large amount of sporting activities such as running, soccer and indoor soccer. Due to her participation in many sports, Nicole was looking to optimize performance and get the most out of her body, enabling her to avoid injury and be able to perform at her best. Dr. Nicole continues to get adjusted weekly, even when she decreased the amount of sport she was playing, as she noticed the far-reaching benefits of being adjusted regularly.

When not in practice, Nicole enjoys competing in year round state-level futsal (indoor soccer), cooking, drawing and the occasional run. She has previously donated her time organizing charity events to help patients in the north-eastern area of India, raising over $80,000 to assist the communities living in poverty in this area. This was a very eye-opening and fulfilling trip for her and she was able to see the healing effects of chiropractic not only on an individual level but within a community.

Dr. Nicole is available 6 days, Monday to Saturday at Epping and Craigieburn.

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