Dr. Peter Vrakatselis

Dr. Peter Vrakatselis

Hawthorn, Pakenham,

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A leading Chiropractor and Senior Associate in the Wellbeing group Dr. Peter Vrakatselis has a wealth of experience and knowledge managing conditions such as low back pain, disc injuries and sciatica. Dr. Pete Vrakatselis v is also one of Melbourne’s only Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors having an interest in complex neck conditions involving migraines and headaches.  Having graduated from the prestigious RMIT University Chiropractic program with a Masters Degree in Clinical Chiropractic with Distinction results.  As a Chiropractor, Dr Peter Vrakatselis is qualified in spinal diagnosis and management.

Dr Peter

Prior to graduating as Doctor of Chiropractic, Peter worked as a Myotherapist, which is a university level musculoskeletal therapist. He worked with professional sporting teams in the AFL and NBL with injury management and rehabilitation. His most recent role was working as Head Sports Trainer at an amateur AFL club. This has given Peter experience in the management of different types of injuries and conditions both spinal and extra spinal (upper & lower limbs).

As a Myotherapist, he worked alongside many allied health professionals throughout Victoria. It was this experience where he was exposed to the amazing benefits of Chiropractic and this led him to pursue a career as a Chiropractor.

Peter is interested in helping anyone with their health goals, focusing on the nervous system, spinal health and overall function. From athletes to  retirees,  desk workers and trades people, Peter is passionate about health and wellness and for everyone to reach their full health potential and get the most out of life. Peter’s interest is in helping to facilitate the health goal journey of his clients, not only by traditional Chiropractic methods but also by self-empowerment and education.

Peter has years of training using an array of specific and corrective Chiropractic techniques and has completed post graduate training in upper cervical Atlas Orthogonal technique.

When Peter is not in practice, focusing on nervous system, spinal health and overall function of his clients, Peter is either at the gym staying physically active, in the study keeping up to date with the latest research or out with family and friends enjoying life’s most simple pleasures.

Peter is fluent in both English and Hellenic (Greek).

Peter is a member of the Australian Chiropractic Association

Peter is certified in Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Peter is available for consults in Hawthorn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and in Pakenham on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

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