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What is cervical spine?

Cervical spine is your neck, it is made up of 7 vertebras which begin at the base of the skull and extend down to the thoracic spine. The cervical vertebra nearest the skull is called C1 and it is the smallest vertebrae in the body.

What is cervical traction

Cervical traction is when the spine is tractioned or lengthened. This traction pulls your head away from your shoulders in a gentle manner to reduce compression on the cervical spine.This cervical traction also allows the muscles and the ligaments around the vertebrae of the spine to stretch . Therefore creating more space between the two vertebrae.

What is the goal of cervical traction

The goal of cervical traction is to reduce pressure that is placed on specific areas in your neck, which is your cervical spine. This cervical traction allows the muscles around your neck to relax. Cervical traction may also allow any nerves that are compromised or pinched to be released. Which can lead to reduction in neck pain.

Different types of cervical traction

There are two types of traction methods which is used to stretch out the cervical spine

1. Manual cervical traction

Manual traction to the cervical spine can be performed by a Chiropractor. It is when the patient is lying down on their back on a table and the practitioner gently gets hold of the base of the skull and pulls the head away from the neck.The practitioner will alter the direction of the traction, the length of the traction and their contact point depending on the patients presentation.

2. Mechanical cervical traction

Mechanical cervical traction is when there is a mechanical tension provided. There are machines that can provide tension, slings, harnesses, straps etc. in order to provide traction to the cervical spine.

What is cervical traction used for?

Cervical traction is primarily used for pain relief for many cervical spine injuries. Some examples of cervical spine injuries are cervical herniated nucleus pulposus, cervical radiculopathy, cervical strains, cervical zygapophyseal joint syndromes and myofascial pain syndromes.

What does cervical traction feel like ?

When you are receiving a cervical traction it should feel like a light pulling sensation in your neck. There is no pain, it will feel like a gentle stretch.

Benefits of cervical traction

There are many benefits of cervical traction. Physiologically cervical traction releases pressure on the intervertebral discs, releases pressure on nerve roots and blood vessels, and enlarges the intervertebral foramen. Physically it stretches the ligaments and paravertebral muscles of the neck .
The reduction in muscles tension, and nerve tension in combination with the increase in blood circulation to the cervical spine ultimately can result to decrease neck pain.

Here are some examples of the top used cervical traction devices

Hang on the wall cervical traction device
This is a cervical traction device you can use from home.This cervical traction device required a sturdy door to hand on in order to use it in the correct manner. Depending on the brand you buy, it will have special assembly instructions in order to use it in a safe and effective manner. You start of by placing the halter around your chin and the back of your head, this will be where the pull will be occuring. You get someone else to fill the water up to a comfortable place where you are feeling a slight stretch.

Inflatable neck traction device
This is a cervical traction device you can use anywhere, you can take it to work or use it at home. You place the inflatable neck traction device around your neck and you use a hand pump to pump air in it. The air will increase the size of the pillows and fill with air until you feel a stretch between your head and your shoulders.

Spinal decompression tables
Cervical spinal decompression tables are mostly seen in practitioners clinics. These are devices that have a table and a traction device that can alter setting to suit the patients needs. The patient lies down and places their neck in a device, the practitioner places the settings in the machine and then the neck is tractioner via a chord coming out of the machine.

Neck Hammock
The neck hammock is a cervical traction technique you can use at home. You place the piece of material under the base of your skull while lying down on your back. You anchor the two straps on to a door or anything that is sturdy. This way when you are lying down flat on your back, your neck is lifted off the ground and tractioned.

Cervical traction

The reduction in muscles tension, and nerve tension in combination with the increase in blood circulation to the cervical spine ultimately can result to decrease neck pain.

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