Mid-Back pain, spinal pain and low back pain can be debilitating condition. It can affect your sleeping, your day to day activities and ability to work and perform at your best. If you’re putting up with these types of problems you might be wondering what actually causes lower back pain, stiffness, muscle tightness or mid-back pain and what are back pain relief treatment options.

There are many pain producing structures in your back including muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Irritation or dysfunction of any of these structures may ultimately cause problems like low back pain, spine pain, central low back pain or mid back pain leading you to seek appropriate back treatment options.


Muscle strain & tightness

Similar to pulling a hamstring or quad, you can strain or have tight muscles in your lower back. This is often due a chronic build up over time, causative factors can include your sitting posture, repetitious behaviours, gait, work, sports, watching TV and more. Muscles strains and tightness are generally symptoms of underlying postural abnormalities, behaviours or muscle asymmetry. Chiropractors have an interest in analyzing these postures and can often give treatment to muscular tension associated and an exercise or rehab program to help decrease these symptoms.

Disc bulges

Disc bulges or disc protrusions are often seen in middle aged men and women. Ballooning or rupture of the inter-vertebral disc extends into the spinal canal and compresses the spinal cord. This will often represent as symptoms including,  leg, foot or toe pain, muscle weakness, shooting pains and more.

back pain manipulation

(Dr Peter (chiropractor) performing a prone diversified adjustment) 

activator back neck pain

(Activator: a handheld instrument chiropractors use for spinal adjustments)

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Joint sprains

Similar to rolling or spraining your ankle, you can sprain joints in your lower back. The most often site of this is at your sacro-iliac joint or ‘SIJ’ as most health care practitioners refer to it. Your sacro-iliac joints are the two bony points on your lower back, above your buttock and approximately 5cm either side of your spine. The pain experienced with your SIJ can either be very localised or have pain referral to you buttock and also up your back. It is often very uncomfortable to sit when you have sprained this joint in your lower back.


Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine that can be either to the left or the right described as levoscoliosis or dextroscoliosis respectively. Scoliosis can be congenital/structural or a developmental/functional scoliosis. Uneven distribution of loading on the spine as seen through scoliosis, will present with muscle soreness and tightness.

back pain adjustment

(Dr. Peter (chiropractor) performing a side-lying adjustment on the lower back)

Our Chiropractic Management for Low Back Pain

Diversified Chiropractic

Diversified technique is taught globally in the chiropractic profession. It focuses on assessing the fixation of joints. All our Chiropractors are trained in Diversified which is one of the major techniques learnt at the prestigious RMIT University.

Gonstead Chiropractic

Gonstead Chiropractic analyses the alignment of vertebral bodies and their relative position of fixation through the spinous process. Our Chiropractors have an interest in Gonstead technique as they have spent a significant portion of the 5-year University degree learning and implementing this world renowned technique.


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