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143 Drummond Street, Carlton

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At Massage Carlton we offer professional soft tissue therapy 6 days per week to people of varied ages, backgrounds and symptoms.

Common treatments include muscle tension, neck pain, back pain and muscle tension. Our facilities are modern, clean and we have onsite HICAPS facilities so you can claim your insurance rebates immediately.

All of our massage therapy practitioners are insured and licensed through the Australian Massage Association. This membership means that your masseur is committed to regular continuing education and can offer you the most current treatment options for your symptoms.

Common Massage Techniques

Some of our more commonly used massage therapies include;

Swedish Massage
A form of massage that uses long flat strokes in a kneading circular motion.

Deep Tissue Massage
This therapy style uses a higher amount of pressure to reach deeper parts of the body. The strokes are forceful and can be painful at times.

Sports Massage
Similar to Swedish massage, this therapy combines relaxation of the whole person

Trigger Point Massage
A therapy style that looks for tight bands within muscles and uses a range of techniques.

Massage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the side effects of a deep tissue massage?
Many people will experience some discomfort and pain during the deep tissue massage. Stiffness or pain can be present after the massage, but it should subside within a day or so. Your massage therapist will often recommend applying ice or heat to the area after your massage.

What should I do before a deep tissue massage?
Try to avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking a large amount of fluid in the 3 hours before your massage. Deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable if your stomach is full. Ask all the questions you need before the therapy starts!

What happens when you get a deep tissue massage?
Deep tissue massage is a massage technique mainly used to treat muscle and connective tissue injuries.

How do you give yourself a deep tissue massage?
You can target a tight band in your muscle using a self myofascial release tool. This “tool” can be as simple as a cricket ball. You then apply pressure over a period of time, usually 30-90 seconds.

What is a deep tissue full body massage?
Deep tissue massage is best suited to working on a region or area. As the pressure used can be quite high, it is uncommon to be used over the full body in a single session. Swedish massage, a similar but lighter pressure type of massage, is better suited for a single session whole body treatment.

Does full body massage include private parts?
NO! Your therapist will never need access to your private parts. If needed, these areas will be appropriately draped at all times.

What is deep tissue massage called?
Can be also called Sports Massage.

What is the difference between a deep tissue massage and a regular massage?
Deep tissue as per its name, is attempting to apply pressure to the deeper muscles and connective tissues. Therefore a more pressure is applied when compared to other types of massage.


  1. Carlton is located roughly 2km North of Melbourne CBD
  2. There are approximately 18,500 people living in Carlton
  3. The most common countries of birth for residents are Australia, China and Malaysia
  4. A large number of lower income residents are housed in public housing estates first built in the 1960s
  5. Carlton was founded in 1851 at the beginning of the Victorian Gold rush
  6. Carlton has a significant tertiary student population due to its proximity to both the University of Melbourne and RMIT University
  7. Carlton is a traditionally working-class suburb that typically votes for the Australian Labour Party in state and federal elections
  8. Little Italy or “Lygon Street” is a cultural precinct in Carlton
  9. Lygon Street in Carlton was the birthplace of cafe culture in Melbourne
  10. The famous La Mama theatre is located in Carlton
  11. Readings bookstore in Carlton has been a literary hub since the 1970s
  12. The Carlton Gardens is a World Heritage Site
  13. Carlton is home of the Australian Football Club, the Carlton Football Club, known as “the Blues”
  14. The Blues play home games at Docklands Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Ground
  15. Lygon, Grattan and Queensberry streets in Carlton were part of the route of the marathon in the 2006 Commonwealth Games
  16. Carlton Gardens Primary School on Rathdowne street had its first intake in 1884.
  17. Victorias Catholic Seminary, Corpus Christi College, is located on Drummond Street in Carlton
  18. The Melbourne University Regiment (MUR) is based in Grattan Street in Carlton.
  19. Carlton has two major hospitals within its boundaries, The Royal Women’s Hospital and the Royal Dental Hospital.
  20. Carlton is served by many of Melbourne’s tram routes.

Opening Hours

Mon: 10am-7pm
Tues: 10am-7pm
Wed: 10am-7pm
Thur: 10am-7pm
Fri: 10am-7pm
Sun: By appointment

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