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Melbourne Chiropractor

Melbourne Chiropractor!

Our location is 143 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053! Just 10 minutes from Flinders Street station.

We are excited to announce our Practice is open, now

Open 7 days, emergency appointments available on request.

Phone: (03) 9008-5953



Chiropractor Melbourne

Finally a Chiropractor in the city! We have loved serving the surrounding areas for the past decade. The residents of  Cranbourne, Pakenham, Hawthorn & Craigieburn to name a few have been a delight to care for. With a team of Chiropractors, massage therapists, myotherapy, osteopaths and sports scientists we pride ourselves on quality care for all and wanted to expand our passion into the city. Our friendly staff are eager to answer any questions you have so call and ask away today!

What can a Melbourne Chiropractor do for you?

Chiropractors train vigorously for at a minimum 5 years at University to be able to assess, diagnose and if indicated treat patient complaints. They are qualified to take radiographs (X-rays), give soft tissue treatment, use instrument assisted treatment, manually adjust the spine and extremities (arms and legs), give rehabilitation advice, refer to other healthcare providers or for emergency care, write medical certificates and more.

What to expect?

Upon entry to any of our practices you’ll walk up to reception and check in. You will then be given a new patient intake form, usually takes about 5 minutes. After returning the form to reception you will take a seat again while the Chiropractor reviews your file. You will then be escorted into a room where you will wait for the chiropractor to arrive. The chiropractors are trained to listen to your concerns and issues and synthesise the information to decide a course of treatment/management that is individually suited to the patient in front of them. This does mean they need to do orthopaedic, muscle and neurological testing to understand why you are having any musculoskeletal (muscle and skeleton) issues. Following the examination will be a standard posture photo so together you can track any progress made in posture without having to get X-rayed. Then you may/may not require a radiograph if the Chiropractor is concerned about anything happening inside your body. The radiographs are usually done in just minutes and on site for your convenience, depending on the practice you attend. Following all this comes the treatment, depending on the chiropractors diagnosis of your case they may utilise a number of techniques to assist. All our chiropractors are trained in atlas orthogonal, low force techniques such as drop piece and activator techniques, child chiropractic and pregnancy, as well as all the other techniques you might see or have heard of. If you have not had chiropractic treatment before the chiropractors will be aware of this and are experienced in giving you the best treatment while informing you of exactly what is about to happen. After treatment you will go back to the reception desk and book your next appointment, request for radiographs or get a medical certificate, whatever your particular case desires.

Melbourne itself

  • Located just 10 minutes north of Melbourne’s busy Flinder's street station  our Melbourne Chiropractic clinic will boast a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of the busy city.
  • It’s no secret that Melbourne is one of the craziest and busiest cities in the world. With public transport, live sports, clubs, bars everyone can enjoy this great city.
  • Melbourne is easily accessible via public transport being the central point of the Metro Train system.
  We use HICAPs machines for private health insurance and are happy to discuss and give advice on other financial difficulties while you’re seeking help For more information phone: (03) 9008-5953 Yours in health @ Wellbeing Chiropractic

Opening Hours

Mon:  9am-7pm Tues:  9am-7pm Wed:  9am-7pm Thur:  9am-7pm Fri:  9am-7pm Sat:  9am-12pm Sun:  By Appointment Book Online Now

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