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About Wellbeing Myotherapy/Remedial Massage

Professional & Experienced Myotherapy

Our therapists offer a wide range of professional soft tissue services including remedial massage, myotherapy, relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage massage, dry needling, cupping, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, sports massage and more.

What is the difference between Remedial Massage and Myotherapy?

There a many differences between remedial massage and myotherapy. Remedial massage includes soft tissue techniques including, relaxation massage, sports massage, remedial massage, trigger point therapy and remedial massage.

Myotherapy includes all of the above remedial massage techniques with the addition of muscle release techniques, dry needling acupuncture, cupping, therapeutic ultrasound, biofeedback and muskuloskeletal injury rehabilitation and management.

At Wellbeing Hawthorn we have several trained and experienced myotherapists and Remedial massage therapists

15 Reasons Why Choose Massage With Us

  •  We have a team of experienced Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists
  •  Our therapists have over 50 years of combined clinical Massage experience
  • Our appointments are schedule and times to run on time
  • Open Saturdays and 6 days a week
  • Clean dedicated massage suites
  • Open early mornings and until late
  • All of our Massage therapists are members of the AAMT
  • Different techniques of Massage and other therapies such as dry needling and cupping
  •  Work in a team alongside 20+ Chiropractors
  • We accept most private Health insurance
  • Variety of other products to cohesively help with your conditions
  • Hicaps and Eftpos machine available
  • Water based products for massage

Facts about Myotherapists

  • in order to become a myotherapist you must first be qualified to perform remedial massage
  • myotherapists may use a broader range of techniques including muscle stretching, dry needling and cupping techniques 
  • the term “myo” means muscle 
  • myotherapists undertake further study which allows them to develop skills in assessment, rehabilitation and other techniques such as ultrasound therapy
  • Myotherapy can be claimed through private health insurance
  • Myotherapists can provide treatment to people of all ages and body compositions
  • Myotherapists often work in a multidisciplinary settings where there are chiropractors, physiotherapists or other allied healthcare workers

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