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439 Princes Highway, Narre Warren

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Narre Warren Chiropractor

Meet Our Team

Dr. Nick Lee


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Dr. Danny Nguyen

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Samantha Law

Remedial Massage

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Tahni Binko

Chiropractic Assistant

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Narre Warren Chiropractor

Our services:

  • Available 6 days a week
  • Same-Day-Appointment-Guarantee
  • Secure online appointments
  • Combined experience of over 30 years
  • Access to a range of other allied health professionals
  • Onsite X-rays & HICAPS
  • HICAPS insurance rebates
  • Experienced Chiropractors


* COVID-19 UPDATE: Stage 4*

As per DHHS guidelines, we are only able to provide appointments for patients who need urgent care (non-routine) and/or their condition/function/health will likely significantly deteriorate without treatment. Additionally;

  • You legally can travel more than 5 kms for Medical & Chiropractic appointments (if you need evidence provide your appointment confirmation text or call us)
  • Our chiropractors will screen patients suitability before appointments during this period
  • Call us on 1300-123-365 to discuss your questions

Narre Warren Chiropractor

Reasons Why Choose Us As Your Narre Warren Chiropractor Clinic

Our experienced Narre Warren Chiropractors have a strong history of seeing local residents for their musculo-skeletal concerns. They have experience in seeing people with low back pain, joint stiffness, muscle tension and neck pain. Our Narre Warren Chiropractors are available 6 days per week. Additionally we offer:

  • Same day service and treatment
  • Hassle-free booking with early morning, late evening and weekend appointments available or book online.
  • Appointments late weekdays & Saturday mornings
  • Onsite spinal Radiology
  • Stress-free payment options available- including OpenPay and HICAPS
  • Our practice includes current technology and equipment so that we can diagnose your problem and give you great Chiropractic care
  • Our Chiropractors in Narre Warren are also available at our other practices in Berwick, Pakenham, Cranbourne, close to the Melbourne city, Hoppers Crossing, Sunbury, Epping, Craigieburn, Melton, Carlton and Point Cook
  • Chiropractors supported by massage therapists and myotherapists who work @ the time clinic.
  • Our clinic takes our local community seriously and prides itself on working with local charities and organisations

Wellbeing Chiropractic Narre Warrenstretching the neck with Dr Peter

Treatments types use by our Narre Warren Chiropractors

  • Manual Adjustments- These are the ‘pops’ and ‘cracks’ that you would commonly associate chiropractic with.
  • Soft tissue therapy: This is done by massaging or working the tight and sore muscles, to help relax them and stop them from causing pain for the patient. This can be done by a chiropractor’s hands, or with an instrument like an Arthrostim.
  • Activator instrument- An activator is a Chiropractic instrument that produces a reproducible thrust that aims to move the joint.
  • Rehabilitation exercises- Rehab exercises can be performed at home to help strengthen muscles and may assist posture. Exercises can complement in-house treatment.
  • Advice and ergonomics- Our Chiropractors will also give you advice on things you can do at home as work, such as adjusting your chair at work, or to suggesting a great pillow or bed

Narre Warren Chiropractor team

Location and history of Narre Warren

  • Narre warren is situated 35 km Southeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District
  • If you were thinking of having a family BBQ or going for a peaceful stroll, you might consider Wilson Botanic Park. It’s known as being the “peace in a hectic world” and is the ideal place for a taking a walk through the beautiful gardens.
  • Our Narre Warren Chiropractic clinic will encompass the relaxed nature of a country town while being within close travelling distance of the heart of busy Melbourne.
  • Narre Warren is one of the quickest growing suburbs in Victoria. With schools from P-12 and forever expanding housing development
  • Narre Warren is easily accessible via the Monash Freeway or Princes Highway.
  • If you have not heard of Narre Warren then you may remember Westfield Fountain Gate shopping centre from the popular Aussie TV show Kath & Kim! The funny pair were frequently filmed there and made the suburb of Narre Warren more popular.
  • Narre Warren has a population of over 26,000 people
  • Westfield Fountain Gate is the second largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors use a range of techniques included spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques to help manage conditions such as mechanical neck and back pain.

What does a sports Chiropractor do?

Combining a range of techniques including spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapies and rehabilitation, sports chiropractors work alongside athletes to help them reach their goals.

What techniques does a family Chiropractor perform?

A family chiropractor sees patients of all ages for a range of conditions. These can include neck and back pain.

Are is a Chiropractor an essential service provider?

As part of the Governments stage 3 restrictions, Chiropractors and all other Allied Health Practitioners are considered as essential services. This means we will be staying open.

What is the Chiropractic Association of Australia?

Over 3,000 Chiropractors are represented by the Australian Chiropractic Association (ACA) who is the largest governing body in Australia.

Is Wellbeing Chiropractic near me?

Covering the North, South, East and Western Suburbs, Wellbeing Chiropractic has 20 clinics and Chiropractors are available 6 days a week.

What does it take to be a qualified Chiropractor?

It takes years to be registered as a Chiropractor. You must have completed year 12 at high school to begin studying Chiropractic at a tertiary level at University. There are only a handful of Universities around Australia that offer Chiropractic as a course, making it more competitive to get a place in the program. Once in, a student has to complete 5 years of full time study, with training in physiology, anatomy, biology, neurological systems, and more to have a deep understanding of the theory behind how the human body works. In addition to this, there are many practical classes where the students practice assessment, diagnostic and chiropractic treatment techniques. Once a student has entered their 4th year of the program and has demonstrated that they have a high understanding of what has been taught, they can enter student clinic where they treat patients under the guidance of Chiropractic Clinicians. Once graduated, the Chiropractor must be registered by AHPRA.

Narre Warren Chiropractor sidelying

Chiropractor Narre Warren

Finally a Chiropractor in Narre! We have enjoyed serving the surrounding areas for the past decade. The residents of  Cranbourne, Pakenham, Berwick & Hawthorn to name a few have been a delight to care for, however we felt like Chiropractic in Narre Warren was the next step. With a team of Chiropractors, massage therapists, myotherapy, osteopaths and sports scientists we pride ourselves on quality care for all. Our friendly staff are eager to answer any questions you have so call and ask away today!

What can a Narre Warren Chiropractor do for you?

Chiropractors train for at a minimum 5 years at University to be able to assess, diagnose and if indicated treat patients musculo-skeletal complaints. They are qualified to take radiographs (X-rays), give soft tissue treatment, use instrument assisted treatment, manually adjust the spine and extremities (arms and legs), give rehabilitation advice, refer to other healthcare providers or for emergency care, write medical certificates.

Wellbeing Chiropractic Narre Warren City of Casey sign

What to expect?

Upon entry to any of our practices you’ll walk up to reception and check in. You will then be given a new patient intake form, usually takes about 5 minutes. After returning the form to reception you will take a seat again while the Chiropractor reviews your file. You will then be escorted into a room where you will wait for the chiropractor to arrive.

The chiropractors are trained to listen to your concerns and issues and synthesise the information to decide a course of treatment/management that is individually suited to the patient in front of them. This does mean they need to do orthopaedic, muscle and neurological testing to understand why you are having any musculoskeletal (muscle and skeleton) issues.

Then you may/may not require a radiograph if the Chiropractor is concerned or believes it is clinically indicated. The radiographs are usually done in just minutes and on site for your convenience, depending on the practice you attend.

Following all this comes the treatment, depending on the chiropractors diagnosis of your case they may utilise a number of techniques to assist. All our chiropractors are trained in atlas orthogonal, drop piece and activator techniques. If you have not had chiropractic treatment before the chiropractors will be aware of this and are experienced in giving you the best treatment while informing you of exactly what is about to happen.

After treatment you will go back to the reception desk and book your next appointment, request for radiographs or get a medical certificate, whatever your particular case desires.

Narre Warren itself

  • Located just 35 km Southeast of Melbourne’s busy central business district our Narre Warren Chiropractic clinic will boast the relaxed nature of a country town while being within easy travelling distance of the heart of Melbourne.
  • It’s no secret that Narre Warren is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Victoria. With schools from P-12 and ever expanding housing development Narre Warren is fast becoming the place to be.
  • If you have not heard of Narre Warren then you may remember Westfield Fountain Gate shopping centre from the popular television show Kath & Kim! The hilarious duo where frequently filmed there and popularised the superb.
  • Narre Warren is easily accessible via the Princes Highway or Monash Freeway.
  • If you were thinking of having a family picnic you must consider Wilson Botanic Park. Described as “peace in a hectic world” this beautiful park is the ideal place for a relaxing stroll or to take the kids for a play.

Wellbeing Chiropractic Narre Warren treatment of the shoulder

We use HICAPs machines for private health insurance and are happy to discuss and give advice on other financial difficulties while you’re seeking help

Wellbeing Chiropractic Narre Warren
439 Princes Hwy Narre Warren
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