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Naturopathy is a natural healthcare profession which includes different methods of treatment such as nutritional medicine and herbal medicine. It is a preventative approach to healthcare which focuses on natural remedies. Naturopathy has been a health modality since the ancient Greek times.

Naturopathy is founded upon 6 key principles:

  1. First, do no harm.
  2. Use the healing power of nature.
  3. Find the cause.
  4. Doctor as teacher.
  5. The best cure is prevention.
  6. Treat the whole person.

Modern day naturopathy integrates traditional knowledge with evidence-based medicine to provide patient with up to date and clinically proven healthcare. Naturopathy is now a popular natural healthcare modality in Melbourne and especially in Hawthorn.


What Does Hawthorn Naturopathy Involve?

Naturopathy looks at the body in a holistic way, aiming to bring the body back to homeostasis which is its natural state.

Naturopathy is a broad modality that encompasses an assessment of physical symptoms, mental and emotional experiences, diet, exercise, social health and more. The aim of naturopathic treatment is to educate the patient on restoring and maintaining optimum health.

Naturopaths work alongside other health professionals such as GPs, chiropractors and other specialists as part of an integrative approach to health to best meet the needs of each patient.


What To Expect At Our Clinic

Naturopathy is very patient-centred, meaning that the consultation will be shaped around you and your needs. Your naturopath will ask a range of questions and perform diagnostic tests to obtain the best understanding of what is going on for you. These questions will try to assess the cause of any imbalance in your body, or any barriers to optimum health. Your naturopath will spend an entire hour with you to achieve this, allowing a greater amount of detail to be uncovered compared to many other health practitioners.

Your naturopath will then design a personalised treatment plan that will be most suited to you, your needs and your lifestyle. Naturopathic treatment may include nutritional support, herbal medicine,  dietary and lifestyle advice, flower essences, stress management and more.

Can We Help You?

If you are wanting a more natural, vitalistic approach to healthcare please give the practice a call to arrange your consultation time today. Located at 365 Burwood road Hawthorn, close to tram stops and the very popular Glenferrie train station.

Meet our Hawthorn Naturopath

Erin Keane is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist who and has been part of the team at wellbeing for four years. She completed her clinical training lead by some of Australia’s leading naturopaths and nutritionists, having graduated with a BHSc (Naturopathy) from Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. Erin approaches her patients with a holistic and individualised approach alongside the most current evidence-based research. As a Full member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA), Erin regularly develops her professional education and clinical skills to optimise care for her patients.

Erin has a clinical focus on gastrointestinal health, hormones, allergies, weight loss and general wellness goals. She also has a special interest in men’s health, skin, stress and anxiety.

With a passion for helping her patients make realistic, sustainable changes to achieve their wellness goals, Erin is excited to be taking on new patients at the Hawthorn clinic. To book an appointment click here or to learn more about her services visit her website at keaneforwellness.com.


Book via our website or give our team a call on 03 9882 7135 and we will book an appointment with you over the phone.


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