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3 Rogers Street, Pakenham 3810

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Pakenham Chiropractor

Meet Our Team

Dr. Peter Vrakatselis


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Dr. Andrew Jackson


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Dr. Nick Lee


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Dr. Robbie Hunt


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Our services:

  • Available 6-7 days a week
  • Same-Day-Appointments
  • Secure online appointments
  • Traction/ Decompression Machine
  • Access to a range of other allied health professionals
  • Onsite X-rays & HICAPS
  • HICAPS insurance rebates
  • Experienced Chiropractors



At Wellbeing we have a professional and modern practice offering chiropractic, massage and myotherapy services. Our team is made up of experienced chiropractors, Myotherapists, remedial massage therapists and Reiki therapists. We see people with a range of musculo-skeletal injuries every day; common conditions we see include: neck and back pain.

Our Pakenham Chiropractors are fully qualified and insured professionals; having each completed a minimum of 5-years of university study @ an accredited chiropractic college. During their study they would have undertaken a basic science degree (Chemistry, biology, physiology, physics, pathology, statistics) plus a clinical chiropractic science course (diagnosis, anatomy, clinical practicum, technique classes, radiology) undergone an average of 22 hours per week of clinician-guided training, approximately 100 written/practical examination, over 200 hours of clinical practice, as well as satisfied all board requirements on graduation.

* DHHS Update 19/10/20*

“Allied health providers that are currently listed on the permitted work premised list [Chiropractors] will be able to return to delivering all routine care” as of 19/10/20.

Wellbeing Chiropractic is following a COVID-Safe plan and following DHHS recommendations.


About Our Pakenham Chiropractors

The Pakenham Chiropractors have proudly served the residents of Pakenham and surrounding areas since 2008 after Dr. Robbie Hunt (Chiropractor) first opened the doors. Since this time, after popular demand, the practice has expanded now offering a several locations around Melbourne. The team have seen thousands of people from the local community since first starting. All our team members have participated in local events, including the Pakenham show, local sporting teams/clubs, given talks to the local groups, RSLs and clubs. Since first opening the team have also raise funds for Australian Spinal Research Foundation through community efforts and initiatives. The Doctors care for people of range of ages and musculo-skeletal conditions. They see many people for complaints such as neck and back pain; muscle and joint stiffness.

Our Pakenham Chiropractor Techniques

The techniques used at our Pakenham Chiropractors include: traditional diversified adjustments, Activator methods, Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, drop piece, Applied Kenisiology (AK), Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), Flexion-Distraction among others. We also have spinal decompression tables. The practice is modern and has a warm and welcoming environment. The facilities are new including: OMNI chiropractic tables,  posture scanning software, digital x-ray facilities and fully paperless office and patient management systems.


How much are appointments?

New Patients are $99 and include treatment & allow up to 30mins, follow visits are $65

Do you bulk bill?

We accept EPC/CDM plans from your GP. You will need a care plan from you GP; for more info go here:

Do you accept private insurance?

Yes, we have HICAPs machines on site to instantly claim private health insurance easily.

Opening Hours?

Our hours are 10am-7pm during the week and we are open weekends. We also do emergency appointments on Sundays.

I finish work late what time do you close?

We close at 7pm on weekdays.

How long do I need for my first appointment?

Allow 30 minutes for your first appointment and if possible arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to fill in paperwork. Our team work efficiently to ensure quality and timely appointment times so we keep on schedule all day.

What techniques do we use?

Chiropractors use manual adjustments to adjust the spine, activator and drop piece, soft tissue techniques including the arthrostim.

Why choose us?

Multiple locations, open 7 days a week, trusted

When do chiropractors take xrays?

Chiropractors at Wellbeing only take X-rays when clinically indicated. This means only is cases where the chiropractor asks themselves if the benefits of the Xray outweights the risks


What treatment types do we use?

  • Diversified – the most mainstream form of chiropractic treatment. This typically involves cracking or popping of the joints that Chiropractors are most well known for
  • Gonstead – a type of chiropractic which is based on motion palpation and radiograph findings
  • Activator – a form of Chiropractic. This often used for those who prefer instrument-only adjustments
  • Atlas Orthogonal – a form of Chiropractic focusing on the upper neck and the atlas bone. Atlas Orthogonal is a technique in Australia however is gaining popularity in America being on the show The Doctors
  • Drop piece –Our Omni tables have drop piece built in which allow movement and mobilisation without cavitation or cracking this can be used separate or in conjunction with traditional manual adjustments
  • Extremity adjustments – Our Chiropractors perform upper and lower limb adjustments. A lot of Chiropractors only focus on the spine however some members of our team have completed Post Graduate Sports Chiropractic with FICS
  • Rocktape/Kinesiotape – In certain circumstances our team may use Rocktape to assist with you rehabilitation or retraining of muscles
  • Arthrostim – Can be used trigger point therapy and tight muscles. Arthrostim can also be as an adjusting technique on its own.
  • Pelvic blocks – can be used with prone or supine blocking. Pelvic blocks can be used as part of a Sacro-Occipital Technique or their own as a separate technique.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are primary healthcare practitioners focussing on a range of acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions

What does a sports Chiropractor do?

A sports Chiropractor focuses on diagnosing, treating, rehabilitating and strengthening various joints, ligaments and tendons in the body that may have been directly or indirectly affected by sport related injuries.

What techniques does a family Chiropractor perform?

A family Chiropractor focuses their practice on seeing patients of all ages, ranging from new born babies, to growing teenagers, working mums and dads, and the elderly. Their primary focus is managing a range of musculo-skeletal conditions from postural distortions, stress/strain from day to day life, and joint pain or stiffness.

Are is a Chiropractor an essential service provider?

Chiropractors were deemed as essential healthcare workers by the Australian federal government amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. As such, their doors have remained open to continue seeing patients and take pressure of the mainstream healthcare system and hospitals.

What is the Chiropractic Association of Australia?

The ACA is the government body and voice of thousands of Chiropractors across Australia. It keeps its members up to date with all the latest research in Chiropractic, along with being a place for Chiropractors to continue developing their expertise and get support in various areas of practice.

Are you a chiropractor near me?

Wellbeing practices are conveniently located across over 20 locations in Melbourne, covering north, south, east and west of the CBD.

Pakenham Massage therapists

Our team of massage therapists see people for muscle pains, aches and tension among other reasons. They see people of all ages, including kids and pregnant women. All our massage therapists are certified and insured under the Association of Massage Therapists. Typical techniques used by each of the therapists include: effleurage/stroking massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue soft tissue, stretching, tendon flicking and cupping. Our myotherapists can use dry needling, laser, TENS and lymphatic drainage techniques if appropriate.

Pakenham Chiropractor assessing a patient who is lying face down

Facts about Pakenham

  • Pakenham is located 53kms south east of Melbourne’s Central Business District
  • As of the 2016 census, 46421 people call Pakenham their home. 
  • Pakenham is within the federal division of La Trobe
  • The suburb is located on the edge of Victoria’s West Gippsland region.
  • The suburb was named after a famous British General, known widely for his battles in the Peninsular war
  • The original Pakenham post office opened on 1859. 
  • Over 70% of the population of Pakenham were born in Australia 
  • Pakenham is on the main line between Melbourne and Gippsland and its station is at the end of the suburban electrified service. 
  • Suburbs surrounding Pakenham include, Nar Nar Goon, Officer, Beaconsfield Upper and Berwick. 
  • Pakenhams central marketplace opened on 1st of December 2011 and has many big retail outlets such as Big W, Cotton on, EB games, Woolworths as well as 39 smaller specialty stores. 
  • Pakenham upper is home to the Cardinia civic concert band hall which started in the late 1880’s. The band has over 50 players from young to old and entertains crowds around Pakenham and wider regions. 
  • Cardinia railway station is located west of Pakenham station and started operation on Sunday 22nd April 2012.
  • For $1 you can purchase Pakenhams local newspaper is the “ Pakenham- Berwick Gazette” 
  • The suburb has its own local radio station, 94.3 Star FM.
  • Pakenham’s postcode is 3810.
  • Sporting activities in Pakenham include, football, baseball, gridiron, tennis, netball, basketball, golf, lawn bowls, cricket and more!
  • Pakenham is a town 56km South-East of Melbournes central business district
  • Pakenham has a population of almost 50,000 people
  • The suburb was named after a British General named Sir Edward Pakenham
  • The Pakenham railway station is the end suburban service
  • Pakenham is home to a local soccer club, Pakenham United
  • Pakenham has 4 Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, as well as a Target and an Aldi
  • Pakenham has an aquatic centre and council offices
  • Pakenham receives all of the Melbourne radio stations
  • Pakenham also has a range of public and private schools, both primary and secondary
  • Pakenham has grown a lot lately, with new housing developments

Pakenham Chiropractor surrounding area

Why choose us as your Pakenham Chiropractors?

  • Same day service!
  • We pride ourselves on being available! If you need help, we won’t make you wait, we will do our best to see you ASAP
  • We are experienced in managing a range of musculoskeletal issues
  • We have up to date equipment, including 2 spinal decompression tables, Omni tables, Arthrostims, Activators, postural analysis software, as well as onsite X-Rays
  • We are open for long hours during the weekday and Saturday, as well as Sunday upon request
  • Same day appointments are available
  • We have experience with health products including pillows, postural aids, tapes, creams, beds, supplements, heat packs etc that may help with your health and/or presenting condition.
  • We have a warm and inviting clinic, with friendly staff
  • We listen to what the patients say, and take great care in treating the cause of the problem
  • We are located at a convenient location, in the heart of Pakenham
  • We belong to a network of 15 other Wellbeing Chiropractic clinics across Melbourne, some of which are open 7 days. All clinics follow the same treatment protocals and share the same patient management system; so if you need assistance while in another area, just call 1300-123-365; and we can assist you with an appointment.

Pakenham Chiropractor Robbie Hunt treating a patients neck with an adjustment technique

Our practice is located 3 Rogers St Pakenham. We are available 6 days per week including Saturday and Sunday mornings. The practice is fully equiped with radiographic facilities and HICAPS so you can claim private health insurance rebates immediately.

Our next closest practice is Wellbeing Chiropractic Berwick

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