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5/797 Plenty Road, South Morang

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Rami Tawil


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Dr Matt La Selva


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Dr Ali Farshchi


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Phillip Nguyen


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Our services:

  • Available 6-7 days a week
  • Same-Day-Appointments
  • Secure online appointments
  • Combined experience of over 30 years
  • Access to a range of other allied health professionals
  • Onsite X-rays & HICAPS
  • HICAPS insurance rebates
  • Experienced Chiropractors




Dr. Rami Tawil (Chiropractor), Dr. Matt La Selva (Chiropractor) & Dr. Ali Farshchi (Chiropractor) are your the principal Chiropractors at our South Morang practice. Ali, Matt and Rami have nearly a decade of experience seeing people for a range of musculo-skeletal issues and health concerns. Matt also practices from our Narre Warren location. Matt has experienced in seeing people with neck & back issues, and has an interest in sports chiropractic. Both Rami, Ali and Matt, are key members of the Wellbeing Chiropractic group which has more then 20 practices across greater Melbourne, and consists of a team of 20+ other passionate chiropractors, and more a dozen other allied health practitioners e.g. Remedial Massage therapists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists and others. With over 20 practice locations around Melbourne, including Epping, Mernda and Craigieburn, there is a Wellbeing Chiropractic location near you.

* DHHS Update 19/10/20*

“Allied health providers that are currently listed on the permitted work premised list [Chiropractors] will be able to return to delivering all routine care” as of 19/10/20.

Wellbeing Chiropractic is following a COVID-Safe plan and following DHHS recommendations.

Our South Morang practice is is available for appointments 6 days per week. The practice has a warm and inviting environment which is conducive to healing. The practice has been recently fitted-out, so it is modern and fresh. We have new facilities including Omni Chiropractic treatment tables, spinal decompression therapy tables and digital x-ray facilities. Our primary goal is to offer high quality chiropractic treatment and customer service, so you have a positive experience. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

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Assessment with your South Morang Chiropractor

At your initial consultation with our Chiropractor, we will review your full health history, perform an orthopaedic examination and postural analysis. If appropriate and clinically indicated we can take spinal X-rays, and with facilities on-site, this ensures you will save time and the images are available immediately for the Chiropractor to review and commence treatment sooner. Allow up to 30-mins for the initial consultation.

At following up Chiropractic appointments these involve the chiropractor asking how you responded following the last appointment, performing any assessment they feel necessary, and then giving treatment and advice. If the Chiropractor ever feels like he cannot help your complaint or that co-management is needed, they will refer to the most appropriate health professional to assist further.


Treatment modalities as listed below may not be appropriate for every patient. Modalities will be deemed appropriate after the initial consultation where the Chiropractor reviews the information from the history, examination and appropriate imaging if applicable. Treatment typically consists of modern and traditional chiropractic techniques as follows:

Manual adjusting – high velocity, low amplitude thrust that results in cavitation (cracking & popping) of a joint.

Extremity adjusting – this involves the same concept as above but targets joints other than the spine, such as knees, ankles, wrists, feet, elbows and shoulders.

Soft tissue techniques – releasing tight muscles with an instrument called Arthrostim. This instrument produces a fast thrust and recoil motion that replicates a manual adjustment without the cavitation. It is shaped like a handheld drill and it’s two prongs on the end target areas in the joints and muscles

Activator – instrument assisted adjusting tool. This is a hand-held tool that our chiropractors use to administer an adjustment into the joint; that is also quicker than applying an adjustment by hand.

Trigger point therapy – using pressure with hands/elbow to target muscle knots.

Sacro-occipital technique (SOT) – this technique is predominantly centered around pelvic blocks which are two triangle shaped blocks that are placed under the pelvis.

Gonstead technique – this technique is also focused on high velocity, low amplitude adjusting by hand.

Your South Morang Chiropractor may use just one or many of these techniques as described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor treats muscular skeletal conditions and commonly manages neck and back pain by manually adjusting and manipulating the spine by hand

What does a sports Chiropractor do?

A sports chiropractor are qualified chiropractors with an interest in treating athletes. A sports chiropractor may use rehabilitation therapies, strapping and other soft tissue measures

What techniques does a family Chiropractor perform?

A family chiropractor treats patient’s of all ages, with the main focus of treating muscular skeletal conditions. The chiropractor will alter appropriate treatment modalities based on the patient’s presentation.

Are is a Chiropractor an essential service provider?

The government considers chiropractor’s as an essential service and therefore we will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the Chiropractic Association of Australia?

The Chiropractic Association of Australia is the largest governing body in Australia and represents and is the voice of chiropractors across Australia

Are you a chiropractor near me?

Wellbeing chiropractor consist of 20 clinics which range from all over Melbourne and therefore there is most likely a clinic near you.



South Morang is located 23 km north-east of Melbourne’s Central business district on the Plenty river. South Morang is in the local government area of City of Whittlesea.

South Morang region was historically a farming district. Places of cultural and historical influence in South Morang include Farm Vigano and Le Page Homestead which is located in

Plenty Gorge Park. Mill Park directly south is a densely populated area, with a smaller residential area in South Morang. This is due to a large amount of space occupied by Morang wetlands and the Plenty Gorge Park.

The South Morang train station extension that was built in 2012, extending the South Morang line allows the area to be more accessible from Melbourne City. We have chiropractors available throughout these northern suburbs to ensure you receive high quality care without having to travel a large distance.


  • This small suburb has a population of over 24,000
  • It shares borders with Mernda, Doreen, Yarrambat, Plenty, Mill Park and Epping.
  • Less than an hour via public transport from Flinders Street station.
  • Former Fitzroy Football Star Kevin Murray played for South Morang Football Club after his Victorian Football League retirement.
  • South Morang has a rich history of farming dating back to the year 1850


South Morang is approximately 50 minutes from the city by car and approximately 1hr 20 mins by train.

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