Celeste Bolton

Nov 28, 2018

Celeste strongly believes in the importance of lifestyle in overall good health, as well as the efficiency of natural therapies in treating chronic pain. Working as a chiropractic assistant within the Wellbeing team has provided her with the opportunity to experience this belief being put into practice by the chiropractors she work alongside, and she says it has been a privilege to watch patients thrive and flourish from their treatment.

Celeste’s favourite part about working at Wellbeing has been to form great relationships with the staff and patients, as well as witnessing the results achieved by chiropractic care. She has equally enjoyed learning more about a variety of conditions and their management.

Celeste is an editorial journalist for Trail Running Magazine Australia and the Gutsy Girls Film Festival, and have recently started a health science degree in Clinical Myotherapy to pursue her passion for sports and wellbeing. She loves to learn and is driven to keep expanding her skill set in all areas of life.

She is originally from France but has spent the last 8 years in Canada and the USA. She is very passionate about sports and is always looking for new ways to physically and mentally challenge herself. She regularly takes part in ultramarathons and spend most of her time outdoors and exploring new places.

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