Dr. Ali F

Dec 06, 2020

He has studied extensively in many fields, including as a Medical Doctor in Iran, a PhD in Chinese Medicine and a Masters in Chiropractic. Dr Ali is your local South Morang Chiropractor, he speaks 4 languages (English, Persian, Chinese and some Arabic) so many more patients can utilise his services. 

You can book a chiropractic appointment with Dr Ali in South Morang on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays by clicking HERE.

Dr Ali Farshchi (Chiropractor) performing a thoracic assessment

About Ali (Chiropractor, MD, Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

His passion for Chiropractic and natural medicine began after one his patients in his medical practice in Iran responded to Chiropractic treatment, so he decided to continue his practice in Chiropractic field

Ali sees a variety of patients in different fields of medicine, but his main focus in practice is in musculo-skeletal health. Also he does a lot of work with sport chiropractic. Ali has patients with low back pain, neck and joint pain.

Ali is well a well-known Epping Chiropractor; as well is known to have previously practiced as a medical GP in Northern suburbs. He is currently available for private consultations as a Chiropractor in South Morang at Wellbeing Chiropractic located at 10/797 Plenty Rd Sth Morang. For all appointments call 1300-123-365

Dr Ali Farshchi (Chiropractor) assessing the neck in south morang


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