Dr. Josh Tyquin

Mar 26, 2019

Josh was first introduced to Chiropractic at the age of 8 after suffering back pain.

Josh was an active young kid and loved visiting the local chiropractor for his musculo-skeletal injuries so he compete at his best. Josh has a keen interest in staying healthy himself and enjoys sharing this interest with his patients.

Josh has played a high level of cricket for St. Kilda Cricket Club and football for De La Salle Old Collegians in the VAFA. After numerous sporting injuries involving the spine and pelvis, Josh has developed an interest in rehabilitation, mechanics of the human body and maintaining spinal health. 

Josh has seen a very diverse group of patients in which he has treated a range of musculo-skeletal conditions spanning from low back pain, neck pain and muscle tension.

Josh is firm believer that good posture is important for good spinal health. Josh loves his role as a chiropractor because he can give qualified advice to people about their postures.

Josh is a proud graduate from RMIT University in Bundoora where he honed his skills and has prepared him for a long and fulfilling career. 

Josh is a member of the Australian Chiropractors Association in which he keeps up to date with the latest news and research in the healthcare profession and always ensuring he is giving the patient the best possible care. 

Away from the clinics Josh loves to take his car 4-wheel driving and has a keen interest in the outdoors. Josh likes to remain active by going to the gym numerous times throughout the week to help maintain an active lifestyle and good cardiovascular fitness. He enjoys watching live sport in his spare time such as the cricket and AFL.

Josh is available for consultations on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in Berwick and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Cranbourne .

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